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Interview:Detroit Lions LB Justin Durant Talks MTV Internship, Fashion,Music & More With ‘More Than Stats’

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NFL Style on Mar 1st 2013

Yesterday afternoon me and my Photographer Mike The Law headed to a elegant hotel lounge in Manhattan where I graciously had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Detroit Lions linebacker Justin Durant, D-Town! For our meet-up Justin kept the attire simple wearing a beanie hat, solid dress shirt, dark denims and fresh pair of Nike Air ‘Galaxy’ Foamposite sneakers. Justin is currently in NYC for the week doing an awesome internship with MTV, yes pro athletes intern too. Justin was super cool, as  he sat down with us, allowing me to conduct an interview consisting of a few questions about his MTV internship, his love for music, and of course fashion.

Check out our discussion below in Q&A form. Ya boy, J Rich & Justin Durant.


MTS: How is your MTV internship going?and can you elaborate on a few of your tasks?

JD: Its been good, definitely a great opportunity for me,I’m really appreciative of what their doing.Some of my tasks for the week is really just shadowing, seeing how they produce a show from the creative side to the actual taping and now were in the editing process of the show(MTV2 The Week In Jams) right now.Their just showing me the ropes basically.

MTS: Is this your 1st internship?

JD:Yea it is, I was just joking about not having had a real real job since probably my junior year of college when I was working at a temp service working on a jackhammer on a construction site. The internships been fun though, I’m definitely having a good time, enjoying it.

MTS: Who are some of your favorite music artist?

JD: Right now definitely Kendrick Lamar, I like Drake, I been getting more into alternative and electronica music as of late. I’m also into ‘The passion pit’, they got some good music, ‘M83’, I’m kind of all over right now. Solange, I like Solange she definitely put out a good EP, the ‘True’ EP that she dropped. I’m still playing that heavily

MTS: Yesterday I see you Tweeted you were at the Ab-Soul Concert at S.O.B in NYC, how was that?

JD: It was dope, definitely put on a good show, it was my first time getting to see him live. He brought out Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, It was live. I had never been to S.O.B’s before either, just the whole essence of the show was nice.

MTS: My website focuses on fashion, I was told your really into sneakers, whats your go-to kicks right now ? Whats hot in your closet?

JD:Probably the Air Jordan retro 6 black and red joints, Air Jordan ‘Cement’ III’s are always good.Right now all red foams, got the Galaxy Foamposites on right now. Foams are really the safe pick right now, You can wear foams with basically anything, you can kind of flip them and put them together with anything.Any kind of foams, I have all the colors.

MTS: Any designers or brands your into at the moment?

JD: Scotch & Soda is cool, French Connection right now is a good look for me, they fit me well. Rag & Bone is cool. Scotch & Soda my favorite, they switch it up, they have a whole lot of different fits, they put combinations together that you wouldn’t expect. So Scotch & Soda is probably my favorite.

MTS: Other than yourself, who would you consider the most stylish on the Detroit Lions Roster?

JD:Probably my man Nate Burleson, especially when it comes to dressing up, he change it up.He had something like he was a 50’s gangster or something one time. He had the holster and all that stuff, it was crazy. Nate real creative with it.

MTS: Say you have a big event to attend this weekend, you have to dress to impress, what are you wearing?

Probably Armani, I’m not real big on dressing up, I’m more of a casual dude, but If I do dress up I’m probably wearing something Armani.

MTS: Straight black and white?

JD:Yep, black and white maybe a little red accent somewhere, you know to throw a little something into it. Black and red my favorite combination.


Photos by Mike Law

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