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NBA Fashion: Dwyane Wade’s Gucci Jersey Dots Suit Shows Off His Ankles With Cropped Trousers

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Dwyane Wade,Gucci,NBA Style on May 14th 2013

Dwyane Wade, man oh man ! you know how to keep your audience on their toes with your sense of style. For game 4 Vs. Chicago last night, Dwyane had the media buzzing once again, transitioning from a vibrant Versace floral print jacket for Game 3, to a $2555 Gucci jersey dot suit, which featured a slim pair of cropped trousers. Wow, the length of Dwyane’s pants actually stopped a few inches above his ankles, I’m still thinking about that. The pant length wasn’t originally that short, Dwyane had them altered to that length, hmm.. he must of seen this style overseas I’m guessing. On a good note, I really like the pattern of his suit, but those pants are way too high  for my taste. Only a risk taker like Dwyane Wade would attempt this look, he manages to keep the critics talking. What are your thoughts??



$2555 Gucci jersey dot suit



Check out what the guys on Inside The NBA had to say about  D-wade’s suit.

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