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Readers Question: Kobe Bryant’s Balenciaga “Noise” Print T-shirt

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Kobe Bryant,NBA Style on Mar 20th 2014

It’s always good to hear from our readers. Wang wrote,

I love following your website.Please help me to figure out which brand t-shirt Kobe wore for a recent L.A. Lakers vs. New York Knicks game.

Kobe-Bryant-fashion-Balenciaga-noise-print-t-shirt-1Photo via @NBA


Hey Wang, you came to the right person. After doing some research, I found a match. Kobe wore a $287 Balenciaga “Noise” print t-shirt with his tailored black suit. Kobe did a great job of showing the versatility of this unique print t-shirt. You can dress it up like Kobe displayed, or wear it causally with jeans and sneakers.




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