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J.R. Smith & Kelly Oubre Jr Wear Supreme Nike Sleeve During NBA Game

For The Culture

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Dec 18th 2017

NBA stars J.R. Smith and Kelly Oubre Jr. are bringing the streetwear culture to the NBA hardwood.

Both players (starting with Kelly) elected to wear a $38 Supreme x Nike NBA Shooting Sleeve on their most recent gamedays.

Kelly [who wore the sleeve on his leg] was told by his coaching staff to take off the bold logo sleeve mid-game. Postgame Kelly expressed his frustration with the League for asking him to dump the SUPREME.

“They shouldn’t have sold it to me or they shouldn’t have dropped it if we can’t wear it and it has the NBA logo on it, because I play in the NBA right? I should be able to wear anything that has the logo of what I represent,” Oubre said.


J.R. Smith elected to wear the Supreme sleeve in a different colorway days after Kelly was discipled by the NBA for wearing his. Surprisingly the league [NBA] let J.R. slide, and he went a whole game sporting the bold white supreme logo on the court.


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