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2013 NBA Playoffs Fashion, Round 2: Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Iman Shumpert, Kevin Durant, & more

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Dwyane Wade,Givenchy,NBA Style,Versace on May 9th 2013

The second round of the 2013 NBA playoffs have been fantastic so far, every series is currently tied 1-1,  I’m looking forward to many competitive finishes, especially in that San Antonio and Golden State series. The fashion has also been on-point as ballers seem to be elevating their style from round 1. Lets take a look at the fashion from games 1 and 2. Whose look was your favorite ??

Iman Shumpert(New York Knicks) has jumped into the fashion mix, as he’s been getting more press in the 2nd round of the 2013 Playoffs. Iman has a very unique sense of style, he brings a youthful swagger to the league.
Those $199 Adidas x Jeremy Scott ObyO JS Wings sneakers Iman wore were dope !

Tyson Chandler(New York Knicks) kept it classy for game 1 vs. Indiana, as he added flair to traditional black and white, by fastening his collar shirt to the top, and sprucing up his blazer jacket with a vintage feather lapel pin.


Carmelo Anthony(New York Knicks) has been wearing his black fedora hat religiously throughout the playoffs so far, It’s become his trademark look. I’m expecting the fedora hat again for game 3.


Dwyane Wade has chosen the 2nd round of the Playoffs to showoff his trendsetting looks, he’s already got the media buzzing last night off of his Floral print Versace spring 2013 Jacket for game 2.

Mike Conley Jr.(Memphis Grizzlies) sense of style has caught my eye during this year’s post-season, I’ve featured him on my website a lot lately.  He’s been doing his thing on and off the court. For game 2 vs. Oklahoma City, Mike layered a black tie, and white collar shirt combo, with a royal blue v-neck sweater.


Kevin Durant has kept the hues subtle for round 2 so far, wearing a black bomber jacket for game 1, and a $440 Givenchy Shark Bone crest t-shirt for game 2.


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