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NBA Chandler Parsons’ Everyday Essentials

, What He Can't Live Without

Written by Michael S in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Dec 3rd 2015

Dallas Mavericks’ Chandler Parsons recently sat down with Hypebeast to reveal his “Everyday Essentials,” What he can’t leave the house without. Though Parsons doesn’t exactly live life like most folks, his definition of essentials seems on par with the average man’s lifestyle (assuming that the average man can afford the brands Parsons boasts).

He first mentions Cotton Citizen sweatpants. Parsons has been working with the brand for a year or so, and they see eye-to-eye on fashion-meets-comfort. The Biker Sweats are available in several colors at their site for $250 a pair (just found a pair on sale for $56.) For support underneath, he sticks with PSD underwear, which retail at $25 per pair. PSD has worked with Kyrie Irving and Marshawn Lynch, who also have their own custom pairs.

On his feet, Parsons sticks with Stance socks (a la Dwyane Wade) and sneakers from his signature Del Toro Collection. Though the pair in the video are a limited release (1/5) there are many other styles available at

To be beach and pool ready, Parsons showed off a pair of Retromarine “Mistery Eye” swim trunks. The shorts sell for $155 a pair at the NYC-based company’s site,
via Hypebeast

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