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VIDEO: Stephen Curry appears in Under Armour X Foot Locker spot, shows what it takes to win

Hard Work

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion on Dec 15th 2015


Stephen Curry appears in Under Armour x Foot Locker recent commercial, showing the perks of training.

Youngsters around the country grow up idolizing their favorite basketball starts and pining to grow up to the superstardom of polarizing players like Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Steph Curry. Far too seldom does the public see the grueling work and unglamorous hurdles professional athletes endure to make it to NBA baller status.

That’s the subject of Foot Locker’s funny new Under Armour commercial; where two lucky young fans get to candidly meet Steph Curry. The two star struck youngsters, who are wearing the latest Under Armor gear from Kids Foot Locker, find Curry at the practice facility watching a huge TV, in a luxury recliner and enjoying a milkshake. Curry, hilariously explains, he is watching homework-style game tape, and the drink is really a recovery shake, but is interrupted by a trainer letting him know his hot tub is ready. Curry joins other athletes, such as Peyton Manning, Jordan Spieth (fellow Under Armor athlete) and Blake Griffin, who have all appeared in commercials aimed at the hilarious aspects of their on and off the field personalities.

Plus we get a look at the latest basketball and training gear from Under Armor just in time for the holidays and youth basketball season around the country.


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