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Alexandre Meerson Talks Luxury Bespoke Meerson Watches


Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion on Jul 1st 2019

Alexandre Meerson is sharing his passion to design with the world.

Alexandre is the architect and visionary behind Meerson Watches, established in 2015, the first designer watch brand to specialize in creating luxury bespoke, made to order watches.

We took a recent trip to Hell’s Kitchen, NYC to speak to Alexandre and check out his latest collection of timepieces.

View our conversation below.

MTS: How did you get started in the watch business?

AM: My life has always been around watches and jewelry. I come from the world of couture and high-fashion. What you’re seeing today is probably the only or one of the only designer-led watch brands. I create everything, like a designer who creates a fashion line or brand. Every single piece I design myself.

My project is to create a keepsake, people want something that’s special to them, tells their story, celebrate their passion, that’s what I try to achieve.


MTS: How would people find out about the brand?

AM: We’re the first luxury brand started entirely on the internet, exclusively on social media. We use technology to create our relationships.


MTS: What does the design process consist of?

AM: Our watches are hand-made in Switzerland by more than 80 artisans.

Meerson consists of five lines. Every watch is unique in its own way. A great example, we had a client who wanted a timepiece to celebrate her father who was a pilot, so we took the interior of a bomber jacket to make the leather strap. Every owner has its own watch.

Designing a custom Alexandre Meerson Watch through their app.


MTS: Do you have a favorite timepiece of yours?

AM: One of my favorites is the D-15, my go-to travel watch, inspired by the body of an athlete. That’s the butterfly swimmer. The arms, shoulder, head, it’s very muscular. It’s a sculpture, one of the most complex cases in the watch world. Very technical, you can choose your time zone on your wrist, but still lightweight and comfortable.


Nicknamed “the high-luxe field watch”, the MEERSON D15 is our sport Inspired traveller’s watch. It has been created to be a both rugged and beautiful luxury watch, balancing form, GMT function and practicality. Built of lightweight, grade-5 titanium and waterproof to 100m, this watch can perform with precision in the most challenging conditions.


MTS: How long does it take to create one watch? And how many does the brand produce in a year?

AM: It takes us 5-6 months to design one watch. Every year we produce about 100-200 pieces.


MTS: Where can people find your timepieces?

AM: At the moment our timepieces are only available in the U.S. We have a showroom at the World Trade Center. I want to know all my clients, I want each client to feel very special. When you order an Alexandre Meerson watch, you also get a film of how the timepiece is made.

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