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David Beckham, Tyson Chandler, Dwyane Wade & Russell Westbrook Make GQ Magazine’s 25 Most Stylish Men of 2012 List

Its great to see athletes are getting more and more recognition in fashion every year, it makes me proud, feels like I’m fulfilling my duties with starting this website. Its only going to continue to progress, which keeps excitement in the heart of More Than Stats fans. One of the most prestigious magazine’s today, GQ has recently released their Top 25 stylish men of 2012 list, which I’m happy to announce features four superstar athletes. Soccer star David Beckham(David Beckham) and three NBA ballers, Dwyane Wade(Miami Heat), Tyson Chandler(New York Knicks), and Russell Westbrook(OKC thunder). Check it out, and Is there an athlete you thought should of made this list, that didn’t? I’m thinking Chris Bosh could of made the cut, but I got my list coming soon, stay tuned !

3. David Beckham
His sons dress better than plenty of grown men so it makes sense that the elder Beckham would still know a thing or two about looking good. The soccer player has been a style icon for years and based on the last twelve months, that title isn’t going away. Unlike years ago though, when the global star was burning through trends and hairstyles, 2012 saw Beckham master a more refined, gentlemanly look that every guy could learn from.

8. Tyson Chandler
While other athletes can’t sprint fast enough to the big-brand luxury houses, Chandler is happy to rock a steady diet of downtown favorites, from Rick Owens to Alexander Wang—and most importantly, pull it off. He knows his away around the more formal stuff, too, but when the Knicks big man is in his edgy element, he’s in a league of his own.

12. Dwyane Wade
In a league where every big-name player believes himself a fashion plate, Wade is the rare exception: a man with great personal style who doesn’t beg for attention. The Miami superstar has a way of putting together sartorial getups with effortless flair (like the Heat!) and a lot of depth (uh, kind of like the Heat?).

24. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook may get flack for his more adventurous postgame looks, but the Thunder player isn’t just about loud prints. The man knows how clothes should fit, and we have to applaud any guy not afraid of working pattern into his wardrobe—even if he did not, as he claims, “invent wearing glasses.”

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