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Stylish Athletes Represent Old Spice “Swagger” Bar Soap

 Three Athletes With An Old Spice ‘Swagger’

(Victor Cruz, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade)


Having swagger gives any man that confidence he needs, More Than Stats is all about showing how professional athletes have swagger off the court or field with their unique sense of style.  It all starts with grooming, picking the right scent is vital to any man’s repertoire, and I’m not talking about just a couple of sprays of your favorite designer fragrance, It starts with the soap you use. Most men (including myself) uses whatever soap is in the household, that’s all good, but it’s even better to have your own soap, a more masculine bar of soap just for us.

Thank you Old Spice for releasing a manly scented soap that complements our swagger to the fullest. I had the opportunity to test out Old Spice’s newest collection of manly scented bar soaps, that included Swagger, Pure Sport and Fiji. Old Spice ‘Swagger’ is my #1 draft pick. It has a strong fresh scent that sticks to you throughout the day. I didn’t even need to spray on my best fragrance for a night of fun with my friends. Confidence starts with feeling good, and smelling good, and Old Spice ‘Swagger’ lives up to its name. Definitely the soap I’ve been smelling for. #smellitforward

Old Spice Bar Soap_Swagger 6 pk

This post is Sponsored By Old Spice, who I received free product from

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