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Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NHL Style on Jun 23rd 2016

Prior to the 2016 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, we had the chance to conduct brief Q&A’s with NHL stars Mark Giordano (Calgary Flames) and Ben Bishop (Tampa Bay Lightning.)

We spoke with the elite hockey stars about their NHL Awards appearances, off-season, goals, personal style,(including their custom John Varvatos suits for the 2016 NHL Awards,) and much more.

Check out our conversation with Ben Bishop below. Click to read our Q&A with Mark Giordano

MTS: How excited are you to be at this year’s award?

BB: It’s a fun time, really exciting. You don’t get to walk the red carpet that much as a hockey player so when you get a chance you got to enjoy it. It’s not too long, but it’s fun!

MTS: How would you describe your style?

BB: I keep it pretty clean and respectable. I don’t go out on too many limbs. Conservative would probably the right word. You’re not going to see me wearing jean shorts with holes in it or stuff like that. I’m usually pretty clean and simple, and try to keep it respectable.

MTS: What were your thoughts coming into today and what you wanted to wear for the awards?

BB: It was exciting! I kind of had an idea of what I wanted and told them. The first two we saw worked and fitted so it was simple and easy and I’m excited to wear it tomorrow.



MTS: What is your biggest goal for next season?

BB: Win the first game. You have to keep them small. You can’t look too far ahead, keep it simple and win the first game, that’s where my goals start.

MTS: What is the most vital thing to your pregame preparation?

BB: I like to get a nap in before the game, get the nap in and stick with what works. Don’t try to change anything. Stick to your routine and don’t go out on too many limbs.

MTS: If you weren’t an NHL Player, what do you see your profession as being?

BB: I would probably do business. I was a business major from Maine so probably something in business but I’m not quite sure what exactly.

MTS: I see you have your own apparel line – – is fashion an industry you want to continue to venture into off the ice?

BB: Definitely look into it. I haven’t gone that far but its fun, especially with the t-shirts. Some of them are a little goofy and you can have fun with them. It’s fun to play around with them.

MTS: Standing at 6’7, what are your biggest challenges?

BB: Nothing fits! That’s a huge challenge; every jacket you put on is an XXL to fit the length. It’s tough to find pants that are long enough and all those different things. Once you find a brand that works you usually stick with them.

MTS: What are your plans this offseason?

BB: Just getting ready for next season. It ended a couple of weeks ago, I went on a vacation at the end of the season and now I have to get back to the grind and working out. (Where did you go?) Cancun, a nice short flight from Tampa. I went there for a week to relax and now I’m back to working out and getting ready for next year.

MTS: When do you start training?

BB: I have started training already, but I won’t start skating until August or so.

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