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Best Of 2017: 10 Most Stylish Athletes Of The Year


We present to you our 10 Most Stylish Athletes Of 2017.

Our list is compiled of superstar athletes who’ve transcended their sport due to their ability to make a statement through fashion.

The sports-fashion world as a niche continues to evolve in part, thanks to these professional athletes who were leading the wave in 2017 with their fresh ensembles, mean bespoke connects, and awesome fashion collaborations and relationships.

On our list, you’ll find NBA hoopers, NFL QB’s, Euro Footballers and a loudmouth fighter.

Check out the 10 Most Stylish Athletes of the year

1. Chris Paul



CP3 is the best-dressed athlete in sports right now. Chris’ personal style has no blemishes, he has a killer suit collection that is classy and tailored to the tee. You can Google a photo of Chris Paul wearing a suit, show it to your tailor and say “That’s how I want my suit to fit,” CP3 is never caught slipping when it comes to his wardrobe. Chris also makes wearing a pair of Air Jordan sneakers with a sophisticated getup look effortless. One of our favorite ensembles of Chris’ this year was the chocolate-hued Ralph Lauren tuxedo he donned for Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party 2017.

Chris took a dive into the fashion industry this year too, teaming up with menswear brand Five Four on a capsule collection and with Hook & Albert on a travel and accessory line. The Point God is on a quest to dish out style to the masses.



2. Russell Westbrook



The self-proclaimed “Fashion King” continued to excel as a fashion connoisseur off the court in 2017. We might be befuddled at times by Westbrook’s eccentric outfit selections, but you have to respect his fashion business model. Westbrook currently has the most fashion collaborations by an athlete under his belt teaming-up with brands like True Religion, TUMI, and Barneys New York.

In addition, Russell graced the cover of a slew magazine’s this year because of his fun personal style, and closed 2017 with the debut of his very own clothing line “Honor The Gift,” which only took a few minutes to sell out in Oklahoma City.


3. Dwyane Wade


A true style veteran, 13-years in, D-Wade is still one of the slickest dressers in the NBA, and schoolin’ his younger peers to the fashion game one look at a time. Wade approaches every outfit with a self-confidence that he can make wearing anything look good.

There is already a spot locked for Wade as one of the best-dressed athletes in sports history, now he could go on to bigger fashion goals, like continuing to grow his brand in fashion, this year Wade debuted a capsule collection with high-end designer Dsquared2 (at Saks Fith Ave) and a unique partnership with Amazon Fashion to house four of his fashion collaboration. Game Changer!

Also look out for Wade atop a slew of best-dressed lists with his wife Gabrielle Union by his side. They’re a power couple with amazing style.


4. Lebron James


LONG LIVE THE KING! Lebron is sitting comfortably on his throne as one of the NBA’s snazziest dressers. In 2017 we saw a bevy of modish custom-made hats that replaced Lebron’s crown. Lebron introduced Gladys Tamez uniquely-shaped “Optimo” hat to the world, as he wore the style throughout the 2017 NBA finals. Lebron also made a surprise visit to New York Fashion Week this past September and walked the runway at streetwear brand KITH’s fashion show.


5. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is the rockstar of pro sports. He set an early trend with his signature blonde hairdo that is now being emulated by fans all over the world. In fact, there are YouTube channels and hundreds of videos online providing proper tutorials on how to achieve different “Odell Beckham Jr Hair” inspired styles. When we talk threads, OBJ keeps his fits edgy and is in the running for HYPEBEAST of the year. You can find the football star laced in brands like Supreme, OFF-WHITE, and Amiri, lots of Amiri.

A memorable look of Odell’s this year was his full Louis Vuitton x Supreme monogram denim ensemble worn for Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards. Odell altered the look himself, cropping the pant legs of his Louis Vuitton x Louis Vuitton denim to create shorts.

Odell also strengthen his relationship with Nike this year, signing the richest shoe deal by an NFL player in history, and debuting his very own Nike SF-AF1 lifestyle shoe colorway, inspired by the NYC taxi cab.



6. Conor McGregor

One word to describe Conor McGregor’s personal style..”Ostentatious,” but still tasteful (thanks to his tailor David August.) Any given moment, Conor is liable to go on a massive shopping spree at luxury retailers like Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, or Versace and flaunt it on Instagram. Conor’s style got its most attention during his world press tour leading up to his bout with Floyd Mayweather. He utilized that platform to showcase some of his boldest fashion pieces and talk as much shit as he could about Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Even though Conor was unsuccessful in taking down Floyd, his popularity soared to new heights in 2017.

Conor’s fashion highlight of the year had to be the insane Gucci fur coat he wore, with brocade trousers, loafers, and no shirt or his “f*ck you” pinstripe suit.


7. Cam Newton


Seeing the 6’5” 275 lbs Cam Newton draped in outlandish prints, bright colors, and wide-brimmed hats with large feathers have become the norm for 2017. Cam is in his own lane as a fashion risk-taker and prefers it that way. It’s “Sauce” as he likes to call it. Cam’s style is nonpareil, when you see this look it’s “Cam Newton,” his shoe endorser Under Armour is even trying to build a lifestyle line around Cam’s uniqe style.


8. Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo is a god-like figure on the football (soccer) field, he has just about won everything on the field, next on his list as his career winds down is to achieve as a fashion designer. Ronaldo, who is the highest paid athlete in the world, has been working hard on his CR7 fashion line, which specializes in making the most comfortable denim, but also carries a full menswear range of jeans, shorts, shirts, and jackets for men and boys.

When Ronaldo isn’t wearing CR7, you’ll catch the star stepping out in something fresh from designers by the likes of Balmain, Dsquared2 or Dolce Gabbana.


9. Tyrod Taylor


Tyrod might be the most stylish man in Buffalo, New York. His personal style is contrary to what you would expect so far away from the fashion capital, NYC. Tyrod has been bodying suits consistently for some time now, he might even be the best-dressed player in the NFL at this moment.

Tyrod’s pregame wardrobe resembles that of a billionaire Playboy headed on the jet to attend the next business meeting.



10. NeyMar Jr


Since making the move from Barcelona FC to Paris Saint-German, NeyMar Jr has shown much more interest in civvies off-the-field. You’ll see Neymar walking the streets of Paris rocking trendy American streetwear brands’ like Supreme and Off-white on the regular, or he’ll switch it up, and don something more lavish, by designers like Louis Vuitton or Balmain in a heartbeat.

Our favorite look from Neymar this year had to be his all-black Balmain ensemble worn for the brand’s recent Paris Fashion Week presentation.


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