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Cam Newton’s Success Puts Spotlight On The Cam Newton Foundation

Every 1 Matters

Written by Charlotte P in Athletes Fashion,Athletes Foundations / Charities,NFL Style on Jan 8th 2016

Cam Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and reigning King of the Queen City, is more than just an athlete. He’s also a philanthropist. Newton founded an organization called the Cam Newton Foundation that aims to help children grow and learn together, despite socioeconomic status.

The mantra “Every 1 Matters” is the driving ideology behind the actions of the Cam Newton Foundation; this phrase is expounded upon in the organization’s mission statement: “The mission of the Cam Newton Foundation is to ensure that children’s socioeconomic, educational, physical, and emotional needs are enhanced.

Maggie Knight, a Charlotte native and previous intern for the Cam Newton Foundation, talked about her experience there. “My favorite part of interning for the Cam Newton Foundation was watching Cam interact with the kids. At the foundation’s events, he’s there to motivate, to teach, and to have fun above all else. The foundation is something that Cam is truly passionate about and isn’t an organization that just has his name on it.”

The recent success of the Carolina Panthers has put a spotlight on Newton and increased the visibility of his foundation. “It’s been very exciting for me to watch Cam succeed at such a high level and for the foundation to get more attention because of that. The foundation’s small staff works incredibly hard to put on all of the events throughout the Carolinas and in Atlanta, so I’m very glad that their efforts are being recognized on a more national scale,” said Knight.

Regardless of whether the Panthers are Super Bowl bound or not, it’s safe to say that the city of Charlotte has plenty to be proud of with Cam Newton.

Learn more about the Cam Newton Foundation and upcoming events here:

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