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Conor McGregor VS. Floyd Mayweather: Who’s Winning The Style Battle?

Who you got?

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion on Jun 15th 2017

The Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather date has officially been set for August 26th 2017. The two presumptuous fighters will finally step in the ring and throw-down!

Conor and Floyd made the announcement via social media confirming their long-awaited fight, two years in the making to be exact. This upcoming fight will be the biggest boxing match in years, much more anticipated than Mayweather’s bout with Pacquiao, Which allegedly grossed $600 million (according to NY Times.) A great deal of money to be made for both fighters, and all parties involved.

As we wait in excitement for the August 26th bout, we decided to have a style battle between the two fighters to keep you all occupied till then.

Conor and Floyd share a fondness for fashion and ostentatious sense of style. They’re extravagant shoppers notorious for purchasing high-end designer pieces that retail for more than the average person’s monthly rent. These guys are regulars at luxury retailers like Gucci, Balmain, and Versace.

So when it comes down to the style, Who’s the better dresser?

Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather



photos via Instagram

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