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Stephen Curry Takes Down Critics in New ‘Coach Up’ Commercial

The Naysayers

Written by Dakota K in NBA Style on Sep 24th 2015

In a bold new promotional spot for private coaching venture Coach Up, NBA MVP and favorite, Stephen Curry reads aloud from a handful of the skeptical pre-draft analyses that covered and skewered the young point guard.

Included in these 2009 pre-draft jabs are worries about Curry’s limited upside, his subpar ball handling, and his visible lack of size. Now, on top of the NBA world despite these supposed flaws, Curry is able to share a laugh and a slight push back at the so-called experts, with a new video reminding them just how incorrect they were to doubt the Golden State superstar.

In the new advertisement that serves as both a motivational piece and an ironically comical takedown of his naysayers, Curry is able to promote the Coach Up brand while looking stylish, confident, and effective in the process. He is, after all, the MVP. “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” the video reminds us, and on a thematic level, Curry’s transformation from suspected bust to league leader embody that company mindset and coaching philosophy.

The new video has been lighting up the social media waves early this week, and it looks to gather more steam ahead as the vast packs of Curry fans share his revenge spot. Not many are doubting Stephen Curry these days, but I’m sure the critics are not delighted by being reminded of their short-sightedness. On the other hand, Steph is probably feeling pretty good. Maybe he knew it would work out all along.

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