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N.Y. Giants D.J. Fluker Wants To See More Designer Clothing Options For The Big Guys.


Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Aug 4th 2017

“For me, it’s hard to find clothing off the rack,” said the 6’5″ 340lb D.J. Fluker.

We spoke to the 26-year-old NFL star during our visit to Men’s Stylist Lucia Doyle of Lucia Rocio’s menswear pop-up shop for the New York Giants this past week.

The event took place within walking distance of the New York Giants training facility and Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Following training camp, D.J. stopped by the pop-up to see the designer apparel on display and be fitted for bespoke Rocio Doyle.

Check out our conversation with D.J. below as we discussed men’s fashion and the lack of trendy apparel for the big guys:

Us big guys are making a comeback, big guys have style too. -D.J. Fluker



MTS: Who are some designers or brands you wish you could find in your sizes?

Fluker: Some Balenciaga or Gucci shoes, that’d be nice, or a Louis Vuitton suit or something like that, that’d be really nice. That’s something I’ve been trying to get, but every time I go to a Louis Vuitton store, they’re aren’t many options for me. Over time you get tired of hearing no. Hugo Boss, I love their look as well, and the way their associates carry themselves at the store, fresh! It’s all about the look, they have that Floyd Mayweather look.


MTS: What are the ‘style wars’ like in the locker room?

Fluker: Well, I’m new to the New York Giants, but as we all know, Odell can dress, he comes swaged out, He’s wearing some Louis Vuitton shoes, red bottoms, we know he can dress. Eli Manning, country guy, very classy, always dressed in suits. You will never catch him out of character


MTS: How would you describe your sense of style?

Fluker: I like to be the center of attention when I go out, my clothes have to pop. The guy next to me might have a $5,000 diamond chain on, but when I come in the room, my presence is felt, It’s about the style, not the flash. Women look at you starting with the shoes and up. That’s how women judge you on first sight, from what you’re wearing and your shoe game.


MTS: We saw you modeled Big & Tall clothing for the Oublier brand, will we see more modeling from you in the future?

Fluker: I actually enjoyed it, especially with this platform I have playing in the NFL. I enjoy wearing Oublier, which stands for “The Forgotten.” Us big guys don’t really get that chance to get those clothes we want, we’re the real “forgotten” ones by these clothing brands. What these brands don’t understand is that we would pay to get those same clothes if you offered it to us. And If they don’t, someone else will. It’s all about the quality, supply, and demand.

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