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Deandre Jordan: “I bring a Fashion Sense To The Dallas Mavs”

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Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Oct 26th 2018

Dallas Mavericks newest signee Deandre Jordan feels that he brings more to his squad than his basketball game. According to Deandre he also brings a “fashion sense” to his passe squad.

Deandre let his thoughts be known during a recent post-game interview with Dallas reporters. Even though this was a random answer to a basketball question, When we think about it, D.J. might have a point. He’s currently one of the best-dressed players in the league [NBA,] especially for his height. You don’t see a lot of 7-footers pulling off bold prints, vibrant colors and wide-brim hats like Deandre does.

Also when you think of the Dallas Mavs “style” doesn’t come to mind by a long shot. With Deandre Jordan on the team now, do you feel he’ll inspire his teammates and save them from their fashion woes?



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