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Denver Broncos Von Miller Talks Eyewear, Fashion, & More With Esquire Magazine

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Mar 19th 2013

Esquire Magazine’s fashion editor Nic Screws recently caught up with Denver Broncos star Von Miller, as they met up for a  shopping date at vintage Eyewear company Silver Lining Opticians(worn by Pro athletes such as Carmelo Anthony, & Russell Westbrook) boutique in Soho, NYC. Von seems to have a strong affinity for Eyewear, I actually was introduced to his style during the 2011 NFL draft, as he stood out dressed in a sharp striped suit, he paired with chic large brown frames. Von’s been introducing various styles of glasses ever since, its developed into his trademark.

During his trip to Silver Lining Opticians, Von samples a couple of new frames as he talks to Ms. Screws on his infatuation with Eyewear, his favorite fashion designers, and more. Check out a preview below, Click to read full Interview in Q & A form

Von Miller after 2011 NFL Draft


ESQ: Ha — no pressure, just the NFL Draft. So which frames did you end up going with?

VM: I wore two, actually. For the red carpet I wore a “grandpa” Persol frame and to shake the commissioner’s hand I wore a 1972 Neostyle wire frame called the Jet 40.

ESQ: Nice. How many frames do you think you have at this point?VM: Probably like 32. But I have to come in to see Jordan [co-owner of Silver Lining] to restock on some frames every quarter or so because I have a problem falling asleep in them and breaking them.

ESQ: Tell me more about your personal style. Any favorite designers?

VM: My style is unique. I mean I would say that I have always been into fashion, even in college, but never had access to it like I do now. But it’s kinda like with the frames, I have jumped into it head first ever since being exposed to it. I love shoes, obviously Adidas — which I’m wearing now. But also designers like Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Givenchy, Saint Laurent …

ESQ: Yea, he makes some slick outerwear. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

VM: I like variety, so places like Barneys and Neiman Marcus.

photo via usatoday

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