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Dwyane Wade And Stance Debut New Sock Collection

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Written by Ashley V in Athletes Fashion,Dwyane Wade,NBA Style,News on Sep 29th 2015

Do you ever look at your sock drawer and think, ‘man, I wish I could add a little color or personality to this collection?’ probably not.

Many of us gravitate to buying white, gray, and black socks so we never really jump for joy at the idea of shopping for socks. Basketball superstar Dwyane Wade makes shopping for socks a lot more fun. Since 2013, Wade has collaborated with Stance to create a casual men’s sock collection. Some prints that’s been included in the collections are geometric, tribal, animal, and floral.

Stance socks are known for their creative and art driven sock collections, so it isn’t surprising that Wade’s collection is full of fun and colorful prints. Socks are often the last item a person thinks about when dressing for the day but what they don’t realize is that socks can make an impact on a person’s style.

When asked by the Huffington Post about his sock collection Wade stated,

“The reason I started even loving socks to the point I was trying to wear something different is that it’s something people don’t see. You look at people and you see what’s on the outside, but you don’t see what’s on the inside as a human. It’s the same thing with socks: Until I walk or take a step or until I sit down, [you don’t see my socks]. And then once you see it, you get a different thought of my personality, and you start thinking, ‘Who is this guy really?’ I love it, I look at guys’ socks all the time because it changes what you see about them.”

Dwyane Wade is a perfect stylist to have when it comes to socks considering his own style choices off the court. Luckily, fans get a chance to experience Wade’s style with his Stance set priced at $14 a pair. According to Stance, the socks are made with plush combed cotton with a reinforced heel and toe. The socks reach at mid calf and can be bought in medium or large. Some popular stores that sell the collection are Nordstrom, Champs Sports or visit Now fans can finally get to experience walking in an NBA player’s socks.
Some of the new styles below:


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