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Is Dwyane Wade A Fashion Trendsetter??

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Dwyane Wade,NBA Style on Aug 31st 2013

NBA baller Dwyane Wade basically called himself a fashion trendsetter this past Wednesday as he posted an old photo on his Instagram dressed in preppy attire. His bold look featured a nerdy pair of eyeglasses, gold bow tie, and a colorful band-aid under his left eye.  As I recall Dwyane actually needed a band-aid (due to stitches) at the time. He ended up turning that whole band-aid thing into a trend when he would wear them in an array of colors for game days. Anyway, Dwyane’s recent Instagram post was a #TBT (Throwback Thursday) photo of himself back in 07′ at NBA All-Star Weekend. The caption of the photo read “b4 it was popular to wear bow ties and lenses as an athlete in this era.”  Hmmm…  to me this photo said “I’ve been doing this.”

I totally agree with Dwyane. He is one of the reason I started this site back in 2011. Just seeing what Dwyane was wearing back then really caught my attention. No other player in the league at that time was putting emphasis on style, and pushing boundaries as much as Dwyane Wade.

Now the NBA has become the premier league for fashionable athletes. More and more players have been displaying their sense of style off the court, they actually put thought into their attires for game day, and love to boast about it. Last season, the NBA even introduced a ‘NBA Style’ segment which showcased the stylish looks of their players during the playoffs. The trend of fashion in sports will only progress, can we say Dwyane Wade deserves some credit?


photo via instagram

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