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GQ Mag:Most Stylish NBA Players Ever

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Dwyane Wade,Kobe Bryant,Lebron James,NBA Style on May 2nd 2012
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GQ Magazine recently assembled their list of the Most Stylish Athletes NBA Players Ever. The list was dominated by our current generation of ballers, but still featured some old school flavor. Check these fashletes out as they leave a mark on the fashion world, do you agree with their standings??

No.1 Walt Clyde Frasier : Can’t agree more, Walt is a fashion icon to the game of basketball.

No.2 Lebron James,makes Powerful fashion statements

No.3 Dwyane Wade: The most fashionable athlete in my opinion, his looks are just  flawless.

No.4 Kevin Durant : Umm I’m not to fond on this spot, Kevin is just starting to cultivate in fashion, I would rather have him at the bottom half.

No.5 Chris Bosh, I like to call him “Posh Bosh”

No.6 The Veteran Derrick Fisher, perfect example of classy

No.7 Pete Maravich: Original hipster of the NBA

No.8 Amar’e Stoudemire : Wow Amar’e at 8?? for someone 6’11, his fashion game is dope, should be top 5.

No.9 Carmelo Anthony, fits right into NYC with his edgy sense of  style

No.10 “Superman” Dwight Howard becomes the chic “Clark Kent” off the court

No.11 Kobe Bryant

No.12 Michigan “Fab 5”, for their on court style, bringing the hip hop culture to the game of basketball.

No.13 Chris Paul is always on point

No.14 Reining MVP Derrick Rose, lets his fashion game speak for himself

No.15 Wilt Chamberlain, makes it look easy on and off the court

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