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Interview: Brand Wills Talks NBA Fashion & Styling Mike Conley Jr. Wooden Bowtie

Written by Naz Perez in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Mar 15th 2014

I’ve been a fan of Brandon Williams or “Brand Wills” (as he likes to be called) ever since Memphis Grizzlies star Mike Conley Jr. wore a wooden bow-tie during game 4 of the NBA playoffs last year vs. Oklahoma City Thunder. After months of trying to get together (the guy is BUSY) I finally got a chance to sit-down with the fashion stylist whose resume includes a number of athletes like Michael Redd, Lance Moore, and Matt Barnes just to name a few.

From humble beginnings, Williams told me he didn’t even know styling was a job until he saw something on MTV about Derek Roche dressing P.Diddy. He got his start as an intern for the great Eric Archibald and the rest is history.

We met downtown L.A. for Starbucks and discussed his clients, how he managed to get a Two Guys co. wooden bow-tie on Mike, and what his definition of style is. What’d I find out? He’s pretty much the man…

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