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Interview: NBA John Wall Talks Sean John “Dream Big” Collab, Russell Westbrook Being Most Stylish Athlete, And More

J-Wall Interview

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NBA Style on Feb 13th 2015


John Wall is a big dreamer.

We had an great opportunity to interview the first-time NBA All-Star at Macy’s 34th street, Herald Square during his meet-and-greet event with the Sean John brand this past Thursday here in NYC.

John is one of the faces of Sean John’s “Dream Big” campaign. What better time to promote John’s Sean John partnership then NBA All-Star Weekend. We had the chance to ask John a few questions about his collaboration with Sean John, and of course his personal style.



How would you sum up your style in three words?

JW: Can’t sum up my style in three words…umm just me, just being me. If I feel comfortable, and like how it looks on me, I’m going to wear it.

MTS: How did your relationship with Sean John get started?

JW: It’s big time, it’s a big partnership at the end of the day. They put a lot into sports, and fashion. They’re giving guys the opportunity to build, and fulfill their dreams. I think it was a big partnership for me, they’ve help build my style–going to a lot of fashion shows, doing appearances, and going to events. Being able to do this with Sean John, a brand I grew up on, it’s pretty big.

MTS: What are your favorite pieces from the Spring 2015 Sean John collection?
JW: I like their suits, they’re doing European cut now, how a lot of guys like their suits today, nice and fitted. They’ve always had great clothes that people like to wear. I think their now building towards the style guys are wearing today, but still keeping it Sean John.

MTS: Other than yourself, who would you consider the most stylish NBA player?

JW: You got a guy like Russell Westbrook, whose going to do his own thing. Their is a lot of other guys, but Russell is probably one who stands out. Whatever he feels comfortable in, he’s going to wear it no matter what.


photos Mike The Law

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