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INTERVIEW: MLB Howie Kendrick Brings His Style To The L.A. Dodgers


Written by Jayneoni Moore in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,MLB Style on Apr 8th 2015

We caught up with MLB second baseman Howie Kendrick to discuss his recent move to the L.A. Dodgers, sense of style, favorite designers and much more.

JM: You’re a Dodger now, a little more lights, camera and action then what you are probably use to surrounding the Angels, does that affect your style now?

HK: No not at all I just wear what I like.

JM: As an athlete, is fashion important to you?

HK: Very much so, I like to look good.

JM: What’s your staple go to piece in your wardrobe?

HK: For me it’s t-shirts by John Elliot & Co, most of my staple t-shirts are John Elliot, I also like Fear of God.

JM: I love Fear of God!

HK: Yes, Jerry is doing his thing with Fear of God, I wear their cross cropped shorts.

JM: What Jerry has done to the basic hoodie is genius.

HK: Yes, yes I have the hoodies, the Full Zip hoodies.

JM: Who are some of your other favorite designers?

HK: I love AG jeans, Citizens; I have to find what fits. I can’t wear to many skinny jeans (laughing)

JM: I know baseball players have to wear suits when you travel on the road, who are some of your favorite designers for suits.

HK: I like Hugo Boss, they make some really nice suits and they fit really well so I kind if stick with what fits. Ted Baker recently did some custom suits for me as well.

JM: I love that you threw “custom” out there; I believe custom is the way to go and represents a certain status.

HK: I agree.

JM: Is there a certain shoe designer dominating your shoe closet?

HK: I like Buscemi, I have quite a few pairs, I been wearing them since they first came out. I brought one of the first pairs, but I’m also a big Jordan person too, I love the ones [Retro Air Jordan 1] that’s probably my favorite Jordans.

JM: You always have the flyest backpacks.

HK: Yeah I’m a big backpack guy, it’s the easiest way for me to keep up with and travel with my things

JM: Who designs your favorite backpack?

HK: I have a Louis Vuitton backpack that I carry all the time; I’m big on camouflage so I have a Saint Laurent camo one as well, actually Buscemi just came out with one too.

JM: Yes, It sold out in the first week!

HK: Yeah it came out in four colorways and looks just like the shoes with the lock on the back.
JM: Do you have a stylist?

HK: No I actually do it myself; I know what I like so I stick with what I like.

JM: That’s really impressive as you seem very knowledgeable on not only the classic brands, but also the new cutting edge brands!

HK: I’m a student of the game; I’m also out there seeing what’s new and looking at different websites, etc.

Jayneoni Moore is a celebrity fashion stylist and an MTS contributor…story via Sporting News

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