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INTERVIEW: Pro BMX’er Nigel Sylvester Talks Fashion, Video Series, And More

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews on Nov 12th 2015

Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester hopped off his bike for a few minutes to chat with us at MTS.

Nigel, 27-years old from Jamaica, Queens is more than just a superb athlete, he’s a creative, focused on crafting his brand. He currently has a video series called “Go” which reached over a million views on Youtube, an awesome streetwear brand called “Pyaradice,” a slew of endorsements from prominent brands, and an authentic fondness for fashion, which recently led him to an appearance on the runway of New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

Nigel is more than just jumping down a handrail or launching over gaps, he’s a young man riding his way to greatness, turning his passions into reality, creating his own empire.

Read our full conversation with Nigel below.

MTS: What is your goal with your new video series “GO!”?

NS: Well, I put the video out and it started as a passion project and it still is very close to my heart. I wanted to just put out something that was different from the things I was currently doing. As a video creator, I’m always looking for new ways to tell my story, to connect with the viewer. It was dope way to connect with them, giving them the point of view that i experienced from my riding so they can hear what I hear, feel what I feel, see what I see and encounter in real time. That was what intrigued me the most. After putting it out and seeing the response that it got, I was stoked. I was thrilled, so excited. So it turned into a complete video series now, where we are going to do some other major cities around the world. I’m excited to go and explore and give people that point of view to a place they’ve never been to or a place that they have been to but give it to them a little differently.


MTS: Do you plan on producing more vide content or film in the near future?

NS: Of course, man. Very much, all my videos and creative stuff that I’ve been doing my entire career I’ve always been super hands on with it. In the process, from beginning to end. Moving forward, I definitely see myself getting into that more and doing bigger projects, doing more film stuff. Just really pushing the bar content wise. Technology is moving at such a fast rate, I think it’s more up to the creatives now to use that technology, whether it’s cameras, whether it’s different camera mounting,different programs to edit, just those things. I think it’s a real exciting time for technology and video making right now. Definitely moving forward I’m looking to get the whole process completely of making videos and creating visuals that people want to watch, over and over, and share with their friends. I watched a lot of videos that inspired me, so I want to make things that inspire others.

MTS: You talk about inspiring others, you seem to value the inputs of your fans?

NS:You always, well.,not always, sometimes have to read the comments to see what the people are saying. The people are the ones watching your videos and supporting whatever it is you’re doing no matter what field you’re in, so it’s important to listen to them and understand what they want. But also challenge them and say or do something different that they might not know they wanted.

MTS: Tell us about your experience performing at the VFiles show.

NS: That was my first time doing that, man. I was actually asked by the VFiles team and Roxy Brown, who is one of the main creatives over there, to be apart of the show and it’s something I’ve always thought about. I’ve attended so many different fashion shows, And was thinking it would be dope if i could ride my bike down a runway. It’s a new place for me to actually ride my bicycle. when the opportunity was presented, I was like why the f*ck not? this can be awesome. I was excited to do it. I’m always down to perform for people or to show people who may not necessarily know a lot about BMX or all about me. And having it pop up in a place you wouldn’t expect it. It was a dope experience. I had a really good time.



MTS: Was it something you pitched or was it a collaborative effort?

NS: They [Vfiles] approached me on doing it. It was a dope experience… I would definitely do it more. Ride my bike in more shows. Be able to show the different designs, pieces and looks in a different way. I know fashion brands are always looking for creative ways to showcase their product . I think it would be sick if I could team up with other brands and add another element to their show.

MTS: What are three of your favorite brands right now?

NS: Public School, Acne Studios, and my brand Pyradice, which I started a few years ago. I’m really looking to expand on that, sky’s the limit. Right now it’s streetwear heavy, but moving forward I’m looking to grow and expand it.

MTS: As far as Pyradice goes, do you want to stay with streetwear or do you want to branch out into casual wear, etc?

NS: For now, we are definitely going to stay with streetwear. But the growth is definitely something I want to do. I’m a huge believer that style is always changing. People always evolve and come up with new ideas. I feel like as I grow myself, the brand can do the same. Who knows what it could end up being?

MTS: What are you most comfortable wearing when riding?

NS: It’s usually jeans, t shirt, and kicks… I ride in Acne Studios denim a lot. I’ve been part of the Nike Team for a while now, they’ve been really good at pushing the bar apparel wise and street wise. They’re always looking to add technology to their pieces. Something that I can appreciate. When I’m riding for miles, I need something that’s breathable, something that’s functional and moves with me.

MTS: What’s next for you?

NS: I’m just like always on that constant pursuit to progress and step the bar up. First and foremost, on my bicycle, and when I say my bicycle I mean to make sure my tricks are always on point. I always make sure to push myself to learn that next new trick. Beyond that it’s working on film content and create visuals? Videos is such a big part of our everyday lives now with social media. It’s that constant grind to make sure you are putting out the best stuff. Stuff people really want to watch, stuff that affect people and inspire them. I have a bag collection coming out with incase, that is going to drop early next year.I’m really excited about this project, we’ve been working on this bag for about a year. It’s just dope that I get to be a bike rider and create products with brands that I truly believe in. I travel a lot and need a bag that truly works for me. I approached this project with the same concept. I wanted to make something that looks very well, but also feels good to have. I also have the continuation of my ‘GO” series coming at the top of next year. And you guys can expect new pieces from my brand Paradiyce coming next spring.

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