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Interview: Nascar Matt Kenseth Talks Designing Limited Edition Watch With Citizen Eco-Drive

Written by Jrich in Interviews on Jun 11th 2014


Nascar driver and Citizen Eco-Drive brand ambassador Matt Kenseth has the ultimate watch for a champion. We caught up with the 2-time Daytona 500 champ here in NYC to further elaborate on his limited-edition primo watch collaboration with Citizen Eco-Drive.

In a brief conversation, Matt talked to MTS about his relationship with Citizen, producing the Matt Kenseth Limited-Edition Primo Watch, and life off the racetrack.

MTS: How did you team up with Citizen Eco-Drive?

MK: I started with Citizen six years ago, they were looking for an ambassador in Nascar, fortunately they choose me. It’s been a great partnership I love watches–it’s easy to represent companies and products, stuff that you believe in and like.
MTS: What was the inspiration behind the design of your limited-edition primo watch?

MK: There is a lot of uniqueness behind it, the primo watch we did last year was a race inspired, this year it was done slightly different still with a sporty feel.
MTS: What is your favorite feature of the watch?

MK: Knowing what time it is, and what the date is (laughs.) Besides that I enjoy the eco-drive feature, you never have to replace the battery, it’s always ready to go.
MTS: What are some of your hobbies off the racetrack?

MK: Right now I keep occupied chasing my kids around; I have three little girls at home. I also enjoy hunting a little bit, riding motorcycles, and recently took up mountain biking—it’s a lot more work than riding motorcycles.
MTS: What are you driving when you’re not racing?

MK: I drive a Toyota Tundra.
MTS: Do you have any pre-race rituals?

MK: Not really..The two hours before the race are usually the same; the drivers would have a mandatory meeting and there’s also a short chapel service.
MTS: What would you say is the most difficult task of your profession?

MK: Just making sure to stay on top of your game. The competition is extremely tough, there are only forty-three guys who get to go out and race those cars every weekend. Trying to be one of the top drivers is a lot of work.
MTS: You’ve had a very successful career thus far, what would you say was your most memorable race?

MK: There’s been many of them, but probably winning my first Nascar nationwide series race was one of the most memorable race for me. We didn’t have a sponsor for the car at the time, didn’t know if we would get to the next race, fortunately we were able to pull it out. That was our first Nascar win, it was an exciting day.
MTS: How would you suggest consumers to style your limited-edition watch?

MK: You’re asking me? (laughs.) Jeans and a t-shirt, you can wear it anywhere.
MTS: How would you describe the Matt Kenseth Limited-Edition Primo Watch in one word?

MK: One word…cool!


Inspired by the thrill of the racetrack, Citizen Eco-Drive introduces this Limited Edition Primo. Each box set features interchangeable leather straps and a unique caseback with the signature and racing number of Matt Kenseth, two-time Daytona 500® Champion. Production is limited to 5,000 worldwide.


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