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Interview:NFL Buffalo Bills Brad Smith Talks Men’s Health Magazine Internship, Covering New York Fashion Week 2013, Style & More

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NFL Style on Mar 4th 2013

I hope everyone checked out my interview with Detroit Lions LB Justin Durant I recently posted, I also had the opportunity to interview Buffalo Bills star Brad Smith via phone. Brad was really down to earth as I spoke to him while I sat in a lounge of a Hotel in Manhattan. The Hotel music was disturbing, which made our phone conversation kind of difficult  on my side to apprehend, but  I was still able to pull if off successfully(with the help of my Photographer recordings). Note to self, never conduct an phone interview in the lounge of an Hotel. Anyway Me and Brad discussed his recent internship with Men’s Health Magazine, his experience assisting with New York Fashion Week fall 2013, personal style, and more. Check out our interview below.

Brad Smith & Tommy Hilfiger

Footage of Brad’s Men’s Health Magazine Internship experience/Fashion Week 2013

MTS: How was your experience interning with Men’s Health Magazine and assisting them in covering New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 ?

BS: It was an awesome experience, I had the opportunity to learn, first off Brian Boye(The Fashion Director for Men’s Health Mag.) was amazing as far as the amount of stuff that he does and is responsible for. He’s a writer as well as knowing everything about Men’s fashion, all the trends, watches, everything. Its a lot that they have to know. To learn from Brian and being able to shadow him and his staff, was excellent.

MTS: What were some of your responsibilities?

BS: Whatever they needed me to do. Lets see, helping with executing the game plan, whose doing questions, and things like that. Going to the shows, evaluating and understanding what the designer is going for. Getting the opportunity to interview the designers backstage and ask them their inspirations behind their collections. Then I would go back to the office, Men’s Health actually had a Photo shoot that Monday I was there, I helped pack all the trunks of clothes, shoes, accessories, also steamed clothes for the shoots. They actually had a layout for me too, it was a little bit of everything.

MTS: I see you’ve attended a few prestigious shows and interviewed some top designers during New York Fashion Week, which show was your favorite and why?

BS: Tommy Hilfiger had to be my favorite, first off getting to meet him, I talked to him for a quick second too. Got to go backstage, see how big the event is, and how many people are working behind-the-scenes. The whole atmosphere was amazing.

MTS: From my perspective It seems like you are really into fashion, how would you describe your personal style?

BS: I try to be fashionable, try to present myself in a professional way. I can’t say I’m huge into fashion, where I wear all the crazy stuff. I’m very simple, classy and clean, little bit of an urban edge to it at times.

MTS: Athletes getting involved in the fashion world continues to progress, do you see yourself with your own clothing line in the future?

BS: Its definitely a possibility, what intrigues me more than having a line is what it takes to keep up behind the scenes, what it takes to brand and market to the minds. You can have great clothes, but you have to present it right to people. I think a lot of it is hype, who you can get to wear your clothes. I love the marketing aspect of it.

MTS: How would you describe New York Fashion Week to someone who have never experienced it?

BS: Its a whole different world, different people, different atmosphere, different vibes. The shows are shorter than you would think they were. You would think they were at least 30 minutes long, but you would get 10 minutes at the most. All the anticipation they build up for them, definitely outweighs the length of the whole show, other than that then its awesome.

MTS: Say you have a big event to attend this weekend, you have to dress to impress, what are you wearing?

BS: Definitely got to go with a suit of some sought, I would be underdressed to be comfortable, but still respectable. Definitely a nice tailored suit, probably Tom Ford, keep it real classy and clean.



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