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VIDEO: NBA Star James Harden Named To Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30

James Harden's ambitions are as long as his beard

Written by Shirley J in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Jan 27th 2015


If you take a look at a picture of Houston Rockets’ current roster, you’ll see a couple of low cut fades, Caesars , and mini Afros, all on players with insignificant amount of facial hair.

Then there’s shooting guard James Harden who sticks out like a sore thumb with his Mohawk haircut and his very ambitious full grown beard! His appearance is more incidental than intentional .

A recent interview with Forbes Magazine for its “30 under 30” edition reveals that James has always been different. As a matter of fact, he wore a powder blue tux (hopefully not used car salesman blue) to his prom. On his feet were tan and powder blue Nike’s with Kobe’s face on it. (Yeah, that does sound a tad different). But by appearance alone, one would think that the 6’5 baller always had an athletic build.

Quite the contrary; he was a bit chubby and suffered with asthma as a youth. Size and illness aside, Harden vowed to get his weight intact. He started going to the gym religiously before classes, which made a huge impact on his weight, health and the way he played basketball. Harden himself says his entrance into the NBA was a long shot because of all the odds against him. However, here he sits at twenty-fly (25) with an 80 million contract and endorsements all because he took the extra steps to make his goals a reality while living in his own shadow. That really wasn’t a long shot, that was just his destiny!

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