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VIDEO: James Harden Shows Off His Nice Cars And Coolest Clothes With GQ STYLE

Written by Darren B in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Nov 28th 2016

Houston Rockets point guard James Harden gives us a snapshot of his style and extravagant whips in a new video feature from GQ Style.

While Harden is known for his lengthy-but-well-groomed beard, he is also one of the most fashionable NBA players in the game. In an another installment of the Great Personal Style series with Tudor , GQ Style Editor Will Welch really gets to know what influences the NBA All-Star’s style.

Welch and company went to Harden’s home in Houston and checked out what outfits he would wear, and which crazy nice car he would pair for three different occasions. Spoiler alert: he brings out the Range Rover when he is headed to put in work at the gym or the court.

Harden also talks about his partnership with Adidas, which he says allows him to have a voice in his clothing line.

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