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NBA All Star James Harden Hosts Bloomingdale’s NBA Collection Pop-Up Event

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Written by Shirley J in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Feb 14th 2015


GQ and Bloomingdale’s Hosts a Pop-Up Shop with Houston Rockets’ star James Harden.

Spectators look at basketball players and sometimes all they see is the money, the fame, the stats, the endorsements, and of course the hot girls, but what they don’t see are the tailors. Yes, the tailors!! Ask any basketball player or an extremely tall person, what one of his challenges are, and he’ll probably say finding clothes that fit well. That’s where the tailor comes in. He adds to the countless people behind the scene like agents, personal assistants and personal stylists who make an invaluable contribution to a player’s personal brand. It’s his job to make your favorite player look sharp off the court.

Houston Rockets’ James Harden stands at 6’5, so there’s no surprise that probably all his suits need to be altered. This past Thursday, Harden was the honorary style guest at a Pop-up shop at Bloomingdale’s with GQ style experts in town. As of late, Bloomingdales has been expanding its repertoire to include more sports friendly fashion. This momentous All Star weekend, shoppers can find retro jerseys, varsity jackets and more at the luxury department store. Bloomingdales has also teamed up with GQ for their special Off The Court Style featuring Harden as the Style Ambassador, making this a suave undertaking.

Harden wore a double breasted striped blue suit, perfectly paired with a patterned, blue tie. Attendees were given complimentary shaves (apparently Harden past) and sipped on cocktails as Harden made his way around the room, taking pictures and talking with fans. If this All Star weekend doesn’t teach us anything, at least we’re all cognizant that at the end of the day, it’s just not all about basketball!



photos via Mike Law

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