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Kevin Durant Visits Jimmy Fallon Show, Talks Playing As Lebron James in NBA 2K15 And More

If you had your own character in a video game, would you play as yourself?

Written by Lucas Vaz in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style,News on Sep 29th 2014


If you had your own character in a video game, would you play as yourself?

Many people would say yes. Kevin Durant is not most people. The Oklahoma City superstar visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this past week, promoting the launch of NBA 2K15, the wildly popular video game.

Fallon challenged Durant’s 2K skills, noting, “I’ve beaten Tiger Woods at his own video game; I’ve beaten Pierce Brosnan at Goldeneye!”

Durant, who confessed to being “really good, not decent” at the game, graces this year’s edition. If an average fan like myself were to be on the cover of a video game which included my likeness with an upper-90’s rating like Durant’s, I wouldn’t be playing as anyone else. But Durant, as he has shown on multiple levels, is not just anyone else. Fallon asked if he played as himself, to which Durant replied, “No, that’s arrogant,” drawing laughter from the studio audience.

If KD doesn’t play as KD, who does he play as? “Uh, everybody,” he said at first. After some prodding by Fallon, Durant finally fessed up: “OK, LeBron.”

There you have it, one of the world’s best basketball players plays as one another of the world’s best. The next question that one must ponder: Who does Lebron play as?

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