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‘Museum Of Chinese In America’ Discussion On The Future Of Jeremy Lin With GQ & Grantland

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion on Nov 13th 2012

This past Friday I payed my first  visit to the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) here in NYC, where I sat in on a excellent panel featuring Rembert Browne(writer, Grantland), Devin Gordon (Articles Editor, GQ), Hua Hsu (writer, Grantland), Ursula Liang (sports journalist, documentary filmmaker) and Will Leitch(New York Magazine). The topic of the discussion was basketball’s biggest story last season, former New York Knicks, Mr. Jeremy Lin(who has now signed with the  Houston Rockets). Yep Linsanity, the reason I was excited to be a Knicks fan for about 2  weeks last season, as I watched this guy literally  put the Knicks on his back as their superstars were out with Injuries.Lin put together  a series of unbelievable performances against the NBA best talents (cough, 38 on Kobe) and a big game winner in T.Dot against the Raptors, right in Jose Calderon grill, which I remember so vividly. Jeremy Lin brought an excitement to the garden that had been lacking  since the Knicks first home game against  the San Antonio Spurs in the 99 NBA finals. That was all fantastic, but Jeremy Lin success goes beyond basketball, this panel  talked on Lin’s tough journey to stardom and his cultural significance.The impact he’s had on the Asian American community, and pressures of being one of the few Asian American NBA players. Lin has broken through many boundaries as he’s assisted in opening doors for future Asian American athletes in basketball and other pro sports. I have to say, what an informative and entertaining panel, I was so into the conversation to the point I wanted to be on stage expressing my opinions too. Great job guys !



Photos by Mike Law

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