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Most Fashionable Athletes Of The Decade

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style,NFL Style on Dec 31st 2019

With Instagram launching in 2010, athlete style came into sharper focus during the last decade with the force behind social media and a digital age leading the way.

During the 2010’s athletes took notice of their social media influence, utilizing their platforms as an outlet to control their narratives, and express their personalities and interests off the court or field. Especially for those athletes who have a zest for fashion.

Our list of Most Fashionable Athletes Of The Decade is compiled of sports stars who’ve done more than put an outfit together, they’ve made an impact in the fashion realm. Their eye for style and mega-influence opened doors to opportunities such as fashion campaigns, designer collaborations, entrepreneurship and more.

Here are the sports stars who’ve knocked down hurdles in the fashion game for athletes.

Dwyane Wade

Back in 2011, D-wade was one of the first athletes we took notice of off the court for his fashion. One of the first athletes during the social media era to start “trending” over a bold cropped-trouser suit he wore, or a flamboyant getup he elected to sport. Today Wade is recognized as much in the fashion world as he is on the court. Wade’s fervent for fashion assisted in landing him countless fashion partnerships, which he continues to add to the list: Away luggage, Stance socks, Mission athletic gear, Hublot watches, Amazon Fashion and Tie Bar to name a few.


David Beckham

Beckham might of retired from football in 2013, but his relevance still continues to surge partly due to his charming good-looks, and effortless sense of style. Beckham interest of fashion runs in the family, his wife Victoria Beckham is a leading fashion designer, and the twosome is considered to be modern day fashion icons around the world. Beckham’s edgy appeal also assisted in his bevy of fashion partnerships during the 2010s, which included H&M bodywear line, watch brand Breitling, British Heritage brand Belstaff, and British Sportswear brand Kent & Curwen which Beckham partley owns. Beckahm is one of the few athletes to fully trandscend the world of sports and become a full-time tastemaker and Celebrity. There are a good amount of people that didn’t even know or Forgot Beckahm was once a superstar footballer. The business of David Beckham no longer relies on sports at all.


Lebron James

LeBron is one of the most recognizable athletes on the earth, one of the unique players who’ve been able to excel in the business world, while still dominating on the hardwood. James’ popularity coexist in the fashion world as well. LBJ loves to look good, Bron displays an eclectic style, Catch him one night in a spiffy Tom Ford suit, and on another donning high-end get ups and latest streetwear trends, Bron’s style is never outdated, as we called, Bron led one of the biggest fashion statements in sports while on the Cavaliers in 2016, when the entire square donned contemporary suiting designed by Thom Browne.

James also takes care of his fashion business, the NBA champ is partnered-up on a concept store in Miami dubbed “UnKnwn,” The store houses a bevy of designer-brand and limited edition sneakers, and was inspired by fusing fashion, sport, culture and community. . Unknwn is currently on their second location in Miami. James also had a collaborated project with Harlem Fashion Row designers who worked on his first women’s basketball shoe with Nike.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most recognizable athlete in the world. He happens to be a snazzy dresser as well. Ronaldo’s style is constant, he has expensive taste in designer gear, and always looks flawless in his bespoke. Ronaldo’s style influence has made the Portuguese footballer successful in the fashion world. Ronaldo is a current partner of Portuguese luxury fashion brand Sacoor Brothers and has his own fashion line called CR7, which carries a variety of different fashion and lifestyle pieces for men.


via @cristianoronaldo


Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook came on the fashion scene w/ a bang! His ostentatious eye for style, and risk-taking ability made him a trending topic almost every night he he hooped. The former NBA MVP isn’t pump faking for the lights & cameras, Russell’s love for fashion is authentic . He put out a book called “Style Drivers,” and collaborated on fashion collections with swedish-brand Acne Studios, True Religion, Zenith Watches, and Barneys New York. Russell now has his very own clothing line as well dubbed “Honor The Gift. ” Which is on its second collection. During the off-season you’ll see Russell standing out at Fashion Week in New York, Milan and Paris.


Roger Federer

In the 2010s Roger Federer was the top-earning brand-endorsed athlete. Partly due to his massive 300 million dollar deal with Japanese clothing company Uniqlo, one of the most iconic endorsement deals of all-time between an athlete and fashion brand.

The Swiss-Tennis star also has major appeal with the masses because of his sleek dressing off the court, and his relationship with fashion industry icon Anna Wintour gives him an automatic approval in the fashion world.


Serena Williams

Serena is an icon in her own right. When she’s not dominating her opponents on the tennis court, she’s steady building her fashion line. “Serena” which recently debuted a 12-piece collection.

Serena takes a incremental role in building her fashion business, other than being creative director of her own line, she’s created collections for companies like Nike and HSN.

Serena is also a fabulous dresser, whenever she steps out for events, she looks stunning clothed in designer apparel which complement her physique so effortlessly. She’s a fashion influence to women around the world.


Odell Beckham Jr.

Since “The Catch” in 2014, OBJ became a overnight celebrity on-and-off the football field. At one point fans across the world were copying his signature blonde hairstyle. Odell is heavy into fashion as well, he’s arguably one of the most stylish NFL player in the game today, his style embodies youth culture, placing Odell at the forefront of NFL style for years to come.

Victor Cruz

Victor Cruz might be the most slept-on athlete that made our list, The former N.Y. Giants wideout deserves his props for opening up those fashion gates to NFL players today. While playing for Big Blue in the 2010s Cruz’s popularity soared off the field due to his charming personality, smooth dance moves and sartorial taste. While residing in the Big Apple, Cruz made sure to take full advantage of his celebrity and passion for fashion. He became a front-row staple at New York Fashion Week, then soon after attending fashion shows around the world. The fashion world began to take heed to Victor’s style, naming him to numerous “Best-Dressed List,” prestigious fashion event invitations, and then collaborations. Cruz has a tight resume in the fashion industry, Givenchy named him the face of their fall campaign for 2015, and He’s collaborated on capsule collections with brands like 3×1 denim, Ovadia & Sons, and Pierre Hardy.
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