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Interview: Victor Oladipo Talks 2013 NBA Draft, Fashion, Sneakers & More

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NBA Style on Jun 27th 2013

Yesterday I had an awesome opportunity to interview NBA draft prospect Victor Oladipo, as he was in the process of getting styled in the perfect custom ALBA Legacy suit to wear for tonight’s 2013 NBA Draft. Victor is a big deal in this upcoming draft, he’s projected to be one of the top 4 picks this year, so making sure he looks good is vital.

Victor’s cool, laid-back personality made my interview with him much more fun, as it became more of a friendly conversation. We left all the basketball talk alone for a couple minutes, and kept it strictly fashion. Check out our discussion below in Q & A format.

My photographer (Mike Law) snapped this photo of Victor in his ALBA Legacy suit he wore for an earlier NBA photo shoot. Dapper!


Me chatting with Victor.


MTS: Are you excited for the NBA Draft?

VO: Yes I’m really excited, I’m looking forward to it, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to walk across that stage and shake commissioner David Stern’s hand.

MTS: When it comes to fashion, is their any brands or designers you’re into at the moment?

VO: No not really, I’m just trying to really introduce a new style for me. Growing up I never really had to dress up like that, so this is all new for me, but I definitely like the opportunity.

MTS: The NBA is currently growing in fashion, as more players are really starting to showcase their style, do you see yourself competing with the other guys in that department?

VO: Oh yea, definitely, working with ALBA Legacy, taking it one step at a time and just doing what I like. I feel I can compete with the top notch guys.

MTS: How about the sneaker game, are you a big Sneakerhead?

VO: Yup, I’m a big Jordan fan, I like all the Jays (Jordans) and all the Nike Foamposites, so I would say I’m a big Jordan and Foamposite fan.

MTS: What would you say is your favorite sneaker right now?

VO: I would say the low-top Jordan XI that recently released, white and black colorway. Those are pretty nice.


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