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Q&A: NBA Alexis Ajinça Talks Clothing For Tall Men, Fashion In France Compared To U.S., & More


Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NBA Style on Nov 1st 2016

Prior to the start of 2016-17 NBA season, we had the opportunity to interview Alexis Ajinça, a french-native pro baller currently hooping for the New Orleans Pelicans.

What fans might not know about Alexis is his fondness for fashion. Our conversation with Alexis was intriguing because the perspective on style and fashion was from a foreign player, who also stands at an impressive 7’2.

We covered a range of topics which included the off-season, comparing the fashion scene in France to the U.S., clothing for tall men, and much more.

Enjoy the full Q&A dialogue below.

MTS: How was your off-season? What kept you occupied?

AA: off-season was great, been training alot, spending time in the weight room, just trying to get better in every aspect of basketball

MTS: What are your goals for this season?

AA: My goal is to get a starting spot on the team and give it everything I have. I want to have a great season, improved stats, and of course help my team make the playoffs.

MTS: We took a look at Instagram account, and saw all your stylish photos, is modeling something you’re looking to do in the near future?

AA: Yes, I enjoy doing photo shoots. I love fashion, and clothes. I’m 7’2, it’s always hard for me to find clothing, but I have a lot of ideas and make it happen. I’m good at putting stuff together.



MTS: Standing at 7’2 how complex is it to find apparel in your sizes. Guessing all your apparel is custom-made?

AA: I definitely have custom jeans, I like them fitted. I can find some in store when I go to Levi’s but it’s not the exact cut that I want. I don’t have as much as an issue with t-shirts and shoes. Can always find stuff online. Other than that my dress shirts and suits are all custom.

MTS: How different is the fashion scene in France compared to the U.S.?

AA: I can tell certain guys in America prefer a baggier look, especially for suits. I like my suits super-fitted, European cut, and my pants tailored to sit right above my shoes, not over.

MTS: Any fashion trends you picked up here in the United States?

AA:I would say more casual stuff, like hats and the gold chains. Not big chains, something simple.


MTS: Any designer pieces of clothing or shoes you wish you could find in your size?

AA: Umm Yea, one designer that I love, Christian Louboutin, certain shoes I wish they made in my size. Other than that, it’s clothes I find online from various brands.


MTS: Do you work with a fashion stylist?

AA: I don’t work with a stylist, I order most of my stuff through a company who sends a rep. Other than that, it’s either me or my wife (who loves fashion as well.) putting stuff together.

MTS: Any favorite shops you like to visit here in the states?

AA: I can’t really go to any stores, they don’t have my sizes. If I had to pick one it would be Saks Fifth Ave, sometimes I find things in my size there.

MTS: In the near future, would you like to have your own fashion collection or collaborate with an existing brand on a fashion line in the near future?

AA: I would love to do that, work with someone on different designs. Especially clothing for tall men, we can’t really find anything in our sizes in stores. It would be kind of cool if I had my own line.

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