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NBA Fashion: Lebron James’ Stance Socks & Leather Shorts

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Lebron James,NBA Style on Apr 11th 2013

Well gentlemen, where at a time where the style of socks we choose are vital to our ensembles on any given day. Miami Heat superstar Lebron James recently showed off his sock game on his Instagram, as he wore a vibrant pair of Stance Socks with his own Lebron IX sneakers. The socks were loud, yes! but Lebron also made a bold fashion statement with his leather shorts too, yep those are Leather shorts. Seems to me, Leather bottoms are the current trend right now amongst NBA ballers, and as for Stance Socks, I know Dwyane Wade was one of the first athletes to sport their designs, he even has his own customized pairs. I’m pretty sure Dwyane put Lebron on to this brand of Socks.

Just a tip: Your sock game must be on point! formal or casual wear, it doesn’t matter. I’m currently typing away in a pair of purple pattern socks, matched with my favorite plaid pajama pants, please don’t judge me.

Any thoughts on Lebron’s look?


photo via instagram

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