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NBA Kyrie Irving Is Back As Uncle Drew

The return

Written by Michael S in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style on Nov 14th 2015

Kyrie Irving is back at it…Not yet on the court,but as the one and only Uncle Drew. The Cav’s guard himself Tweeted, “Uncle Drew brought his game to MIA and caught up with some old friends.”

The six-minute (very funny) commercial shows Uncle Drew sitting amongst friends Louis and Angelo (portrayed by Baron Davis and J.B. Smoove) playing dominoes, discussing great NBA players, and the vitality of a nickname (which Irving lacks) to be considered “great” and solidify ones legacy. That all takes a turn though when “Skinny” Walter’s name is mentioned, along with his trash-talking Uncle Drew.

Ol’ Drew, with his black Nike sweats tucked into his white crew socks, disrupts Skinny Walt’s (played by Ray Allen) street ball game, and gets challenged to a game of H-O-R-S-E. The game progresses from three-pointers and half-courters, to baseline jumpers and shots made from motorized scooters (remember, they’re old men).

Uncle Drew settles the game with a super-smooth slip-n-slide to 30-footer which Skinny Walt may just not be thin enough to pull off anymore. If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to take the time to check out the video, it’s worth noting that we’re given a glimpse of super-rare Nike Kyrie 1’s, limited to 150 pairs which will be given away through the Pepsi Pass app, in addition to an Uncle Drew bobble head and lots more. In the words of Baron Davis’ Louis, “peace suckas.”

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