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NBA Russell Westbrook Debuts His 1st Eyewear Line ‘Westbrook Frames’

The Fashion King has spoken

Written by Naz Perez in Athletes Fashion,News,Russell Westbrook on Jul 3rd 2014


The Fashion King has spoken.

NBA’s Russell Westbrook has officially announced the launch of his new eye wear line “Westbrook Frames” in collaboration with Selima Optique.

As if his collaboration with huge high-fashion retailer Barneys “Westbrook XO” wasn’t enough. I can now rest easy when he calls himself the “fashion king” because he’s got the resume’ to back it up.

The 25 year-old Oklahoma City Thunder point-guard’s collection will include 10 unisex frames in four different color combinations. The collection will be available exclusively on and select Barney’s stores beginning July 8th.


My favorite part of the collection is that each pair is named after a Los Angeles neighborhood that Westbrook remembers from his childhood (he’s from Long Beach) like Brentwood & Pasadena.

Westbrook caught up with to talk about the new line. Check out the  excerpts below:

1) Congratulations on Westbrook Frames! How did this project come about?

I wanted to launch my Westbrook brand with something that I’m really interested in and passionate about, which is glasses. Selima is one of the best in the game when it comes to eyewear, and this has been a great opportunity to express my creative side.


2) I think your style has inspired a lot of other players to step up their postgame style. Are your teammates always commenting on your outfits?

My teammates always comment on what I’m wearing. A few guys always want to know where I get my clothes from. Some of them probably think I’m a little bit crazy. Some of them like it. Some of them don’t. But I definitely love separating myself with my own style.


3) Who do you envision wearing Westbrook Frames? Are you hoping to attract more sports fans or fashion folks?

Before I came into making Westbrook Frames and collaborating with Selima, I thought that making frames could be for everyone: for myself, for the people coming out to the games, for the next-door neighbors, and even for the kids. With the fun colorways that I have, I think that everyone can find a pair to help express themselves—especially the guys who wear cool ties, socks, underwear, watches, and other pieces of flair. Glasses can really go across the board, and Selima did a great job with giving me different ideas about making the line unisex. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the first person wearing them aside from myself. [laughs] I’m hyped to hopefully start seeing pictures of people in my glasses on Instagram.

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