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NBA Star Lebron James Supports Hillary Clinton At Cleveland Rally

LBJ x H. Clinton

Written by Darren B in NBA Style,News on Nov 8th 2016

We all want our voices to be heard this election year and our favorite celebrities are no different. NBA superstar LeBron James took the stage and proudly introduced democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at a recent rally in Cleveland, OH.

As the crowd roared with excitement over seeing James on the same stage as their pick for president, James thanked the crowded for their welcome.

The basketball legend started his speech by recalling the negative stigma around voting while growing up in an intercity.

“I was one of those kids and I was around a community that was like our vote doesn’t matter,”he says. “But it really does. It really, really does.”

He continued by fully endorsing Clinton and stating that she has the best and “brightest” plan for America—similar to his organization, LeBron James Family Foundation.

James encouraged the energetic crowd to get out, vote and shape their future.

A rally fit for a King.

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