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NFL JJ Watt Named Mizzen+Main Brand Ambassador

Mizzen and Main

Written by Darren B in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Sep 30th 2015


Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt is the new brand ambassador for Mizzen and Main and he couldn’t be happier about the partnership. The NFL player seems to be a perfect match for the American based clothing brand, and Mizzen and Main’s CEO, Kevin Lavelle agrees. Lavelle believes Watt goes above and beyond, on and off the field. He is an all around good guy whether he is with his family or performing his role as the defensive end for the Texans.

Watt was first introduced to Mizzen and Main through a friend and immediately fell in love with how comfortable the shirts were during the hot Texas weather. “Living in Houston for the past five years, it gets extremely hot and humid,” explained Watt. Sweating becomes a problem when he has to dress up every week for games. Once he tried a Mizzen and Main shirt, his entire perspective on long sleeves during humid conditions changed. “Mizzen and Mai brought in these shirts that stretch, that breathe, that allow you to go outside and move around and really not have sweat show through,” said Watt. I’m right there with you Watt. Sweaty shirts are not attractive and can be very awkward when seen by others.

The fact that Mizzen and Maid is American made is icing on the cake for Watt. As a “proud American”, the pro footballer loves that the company is creating jobs for Americans and he also likes the fact that he can wear something made from his home country. As the new brand ambassador for Mizzen and Main, Watt gladly states his admiration for the material of the shirts and their functionality.

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