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NFL STYLE: Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, Tyrod Taylor And More


Written by Charlotte P in Athletes Fashion,NFL Style on Oct 12th 2015

Cam Newton, starting quarterback and fan favorite of the Carolina Panthers, has exploded onto the fashion scene in the past few months. This look is no exception. Newton has clearly hopped on the bowtie trend train, sporting a dark watermelon number with a strong but simple geometric pattern. The deep blue of his lapel pin stands out against the steel-sky blue of his suit jacket. But the true star of this look is Newton’s paisley pocket square. It’s floral color scheme incorporates every color of this ensemble, and ties this look together in an effortlessly cohesive way.

@cameron1newton's bow-tie game is strong. #CARvsTB 📷: Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP

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Michael Bennett continues to command attention from the menswear world, and this picture provides plenty of evidence as to why. When people imagine football players off the field, I think it’s safe to say that plaid pants and a turtleneck isn’t the clothing combination that comes to mind. But Bennett begs to differ. In this modern take on a classic seventies aesthetic, Bennett once again sticks with a fairly monochromatic color palette, and somehow manages to make a tight fitting wool turtle neck look studly and powerful. Of course, that may also have to do with the cherry red 1950’s Chevy in the background. Bennett’s salute to fashion trends of past eras proves that he’s not just a trendsetter, but also a trend retriever.

Thanks to my tailor, got me looking right for Monday night. Got a date night with the quarterback

A photo posted by Michael Bennett (@mosesbread72) on

Suit up and saddle up, ‘cause these Bronco boys aren’t messing around. At first glance, Manning might seem like the clear showstopper of this trio in a deep, bright blue suit and orange tie. Even off the field, this quarterback can’t seem to stay away from his Denver colors. After a closer look, however, Sanders is giving his teammates a run for their money, rocking a two-tone gray plaid 3-piece suit and a navy polka dot tie. But wait…what’s this? Thomas and Sanders appear to be neck-and-neck (pun intended); both are sporting identical ties. I guess you could call that a tie tie (okay no more puns). Upon further and final review, however, I’m naming Thomas as the style victor. His burnt burgundy and faded navy striped suit, fastened together by a bright blue button, and accentuated by a matching pocket square all come together in a subtle but effortlessly powerful combination.

Sanders. Manning. Thomas. #Broncos

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Tyrod Taylor and Chris Hogan of the Buffalo Bills are the epitome of Professional sports style swagger. Taylor’s innovative take on a conservative look has an almost reverent feel. His stark white teacup collar is almost blinding against a sharp charcoal dress shirt and basic black sport coat. If it weren’t for the massive chrome headphones and Gucci backpack in tow, one might mistake him for a priest making his way to Mass. It’s safe to say that for Taylor, the football stadium is a holy place. Hogan, however, is opting for more of a relaxed-classic aesthetic,
vaguely reminiscent of an athletic Don Draper. This dark blue checkered suit paired with a crisp white shirt and shiny brown wingtips gives Hogan and easy but still powerfully competent air. These Buffalo Bills have suited up to slay the New York Giants, and even if they lose the game, they’re #winning with their wardrobes.

Fly. Focused. Reporting for duty. #NYGvsBUF

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