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Written by Bailey Webster in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,NFL Style on Jul 2nd 2018

Arizona Cardinals Receiver Brice Butler had an amazing trip to Paris for Fashion Week.

How would we know? Well, Brice took over our Instagram account for Cerruti’s Paris Fashion Week presentation, showing our readers what Paris Fashion Week was like as Brice Butler, and we chatted with the slick NFL athlete about his trip as soon as he got back to the states last week.

This wasn’t Butler’s first taste of Paris couture, he’s a veteran in the fashion game following after the footsteps of fashion-enthuse peers like Victor Cruz (former New York Giant,) who’ve inspired Brice’s interest in the fashion world early on in his NFL career.

Along with many other professional athletes of various sports, fashion has become a form of expression off the court or field.

Check out our full conversation with Brice below.

MTS: First off, we just really want to thank you for doing the IG takeover and sharing some of your Paris Fashion Week experience with all of our viewers. Did you enjoy yourself out there?

Butler: Yes, I always have a great time when I go out there. It’s one of those situations where you have so much fun that you forget what time it is and end up staying up too late. On the fourth day, you’re so tired, haha.

MTS: So this wasn’t your first time at Paris Fashion Week?

Butler: No. I started going in 2015. In 2015 I went to Fall/Winter in January, then I went in 2016 in January and the summer, and 2017 I just went for the summer. This year I just went for the summer as well.

MTS: For people who haven’t had the opportunity to attend Paris Fashion Week, Please share with us, what is it like?

Butler: Everybody in Paris knows that it’s Fashion Week, so you can say that everybody is expecting foreigners and other people to be around. So people are really nice.

Paris is a great city. When you’re in school growing up, you read about Notre Dame, the Louie House, and all that type of stuff. When you go out there and see those types of things every day, it’s crazy.

Then Fashion Week, that in itself is just a whole bunch of stuff going down. It’s almost like NBA All-Star Weekend. A lot of people come in from all over the world. People not even involved in fashion week especially, going to shows and events. They’re there to go to parties and see other celebrities that they like to listen to, from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, etc. You can catch almost anybody out there, and that goes for athletes as well. You get athletes across the world. This year there weren’t that many honestly because the World Cup is going on. But it’s just a dope experience, a lot of people from all over the place coming together to look at dope clothes.

MTS: I can see why you keep going back. if you had to describe Paris Fashion Week in one word, what word would that be?

Butler: If I had multiple, I would say “exciting.” “chaotic.” One word? Okay, I would say it’s “fascinating. “

MTS: How many shows were you able to attend overall, and were you able to do any sight-seeing on the side?

Butler: I got in at 1 pm on Wednesday, Thursday I went to AMI Paris in the morning, Rick Owens in the afternoon, and I went to an MR PORTER event they had that night. Mind you, I’m going to fittings for most of these shows either the day of or the day before. Actually, I went to four things on Thursday, because Pigalle had a fashion show Thursday night, but it was in the form of a musical, which was interesting. Friday, I went to a Kenzo fitting at 1 pm, I had the Cerruti show at 4pm..which I did the IG takeover for you guys, and that afternoon Virgil Abloh and Takashi (Mura-kami) had a cool event to showcase some artwork that they worked on together. And that night GQ had a party. It was cool.

MTS: What was your favorite show of the week?

Butler: They were all great. AMI Paris was dope because it was indoors and they had a wheat field. I still don’t know how they did that. Then, Rick Owens is always crazy and entertaining, because he always has interesting stuff and people. Then Friday, Cerruti was awesome with the lighting and all that stuff, kind of a Tokyo vibe and feel. But then Sunday came around, I went to Lanvin and Kenzo. When I saw Lanvin in the morning, I felt like Lanvin was the best show. But then I when I saw Kenzo that night, I was like nahhhh, Kenzo was super dope. They had a live band from New York that was just amazing. The lighting…they had hanging lights that they could lift and drop. It was dope!

MTS: We saw what you wore to the Cerruti fashion show on our IG takeover, and you looked very nice. Was that one of your favorite outfits?

Butler: Yea, that definitely was my favorite outfit. The classy look, that had a little urban twist to it with the trousers rolled up with the sneakers. The overcoat with the button up, tucked in shirt. It was sweet, I thought it was cool.

MTS: Were there any pieces that you picked up and brought back to the states?

Butler: Typically, when I come out here [Paris] I shop a lot, but this time I honestly didn’t. I went to the Nike store a few times. You know the World Cup is going on, so I got soccer jerseys for the family and stuff like that. But this time I didn’t shop. The time that I had to shop, I ended up taking naps. I’ve been out here a few times and if I don’t take naps during the day, I’m not going to do well when I go to these shows. I did it every day, and I’ve never done that before. I’m not trying to get sick, because when I get back to the states I need to start training and stuff like that. But it worked out though because I feel good!

MTS: While you were hanging out, we noticed on your Instagram that you had the chance to link up with a few athletes in Paris, can you talk a little bit about that. As well as who you’ve made connections with through fashion, in general.

Butler: The biggest connection that I’ve made with an athlete in fashion has really been Victor Cruz. Victor is the reason why I started going to fashion shows. When I was in college, just watching him do his thing on the field, and then he was always looking good as far as his clothes when he attended events. And then you saw him going to fashion shows and stuff like that. It got to a point where I was like, “Man I can do that too.” When I started going out there, I met Victor in ’16 and he was cool. He wasn’t too big to rap with me. Ever since then, we’ve been pretty tight, and that Paris friendship became one in the states.

There are other guys that you meet out there (Paris) as well. There were actually a lot more football players out there than usual, typically it’s just me and Victor. But this year, Tyrod Taylor was there, saw Brandon Marshall, DeAndre Hopkins, Kam Chancellor, Serge Ibaka, James Harden, PJ Tucker, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell (Westbrook). Also, Jaylen Brown, the young homie was there too.

When you’re out there in Paris, everybody teams up together kind of. So it’s actually fun and cool to be able to link up with guys from different sports that you may not be able to see that much if you’re not going to a whole bunch of events.

MTS: Paris Fashion Week seems like a really cool experience, and I love the story about Victor Cruz and how he kind of put you onto fashion shows when you first entered the league. If you were to return the favor, who’s one athlete that you would bring with you next year?

Butler: You know what, I always tell guys to come. The thing that’s interesting is that a lot of guys are nervous to go overseas. I remember when we played in London two years ago when I was in Oakland, a lot of guys didn’t like it. In Dallas, the guys knew that I went every year and I would tell guys “c’mon man it’s right after OTAs, you should come through it will be fun.” Guys don’t want to go.

Now that I’m in Arizona, I just got there not too long ago, not many of the guys knew that I was going out there.

MTS: Now I want to know a little bit more about your personal style, where do you typically shop? What are your go-to shops?

Butler: Typically, my stylist sends me catalogs and I pick from there. And over the years, I’ve met some pretty cool designers. When they have stuff they will let me get it for a discount or something.

But to answer your question, I would say Barneys.

MTS: If you had to choose one brand to wear for the rest of your life, what brand would you choose?

Butler: I got to go with my dog, Pyer Moss. I have a lot of his clothes. He makes clothes for the athlete pretty much because he was an athlete himself. So they aren’t small fitting. And everything is quality material. The t-shirts feel like dri-fits. They have a partnership with Reebok, so he’s making shoes now, and his shoes are dope. I would go with his company for sure.

MTS: My last question for you, how would you describe your personal style to the world?

Butler: I would say “urban executive” because I can do the street stuff, wear jeans, sneakers or whatever. But then I can really rock a business outfit every day (like the Cerruti outfit), and in that same night I could be wearing the same clothes but just add a hoodie or something to make it look urban. So I would say, urban executive.

Photos By: Eileen-Cho

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