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Mag Cover: Oklahoma City Thunder Russell Westbrook Covers ESPN The Magazine ‘The Photo Issue’

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Burberry,Gucci,NBA Style,Russell Westbrook on Apr 5th 2013

Russell Westbrook is on a roll right now! and I’m not talking about his stellar game on the court, The young star’s sense of fashion has led to a series of magazine covers, with the latest being ESPN The Magazine’s ‘The Photo Issue’, which is also the publications first ever strictly photo issue. For his cover story, Russell is clothe in an assortment of looks, for a fun and vibrant spread. As he talks with ESPN The Magazine’s Sam Alipour on his childhood , family,  hobbies, basketball, his beef with the Denver Nuggets Mascot, & of course fashion. Check out a small preview below, as this conversation was quite lengthy, but very interesting, as Russell opens up about his personal life.  Click to read full feature. And what are your thoughts on Russell’s cover shoot?

ESPN: How did you dress as a rookie?
RW: I was pretty chill then. The couple years before, they could wear caps, chains, white T-shirts, throwback jerseys. I was trying to figure out the dress code and not get fined.

ESPN: When did you start taking an active interest in high fashion?
RW: Active? I started wearing it my second year, with my Gucci shirt, or a Louis Vuitton belt.

ESPN: How would you describe your style now?
RW: All over the place. It’s based on what looks good on me. It varies based on how I feel that day.

ESPN: You don’t work with a stylist, unusual for a star. You do your own shopping then?
RW: Yup. from all over the place. I do a lot of shopping online. I know people in LA, New York, everywhere. On road trips I’ll go to the mall on my own or sometimes with our security guy, [Mike] Flash. I like Zara, Barneys, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges from the U.K. Nordstrom, sometimes. I do a lot of bargain shopping at outlets, too, high end and low end.

ESPN: What trends are you into now?
RW: I like cutoff jean jackets, jean shorts, too. I liked metallic leather for a while but I’m over it now. Now I’m into cotton pants for some reason. Cotton, light gray, but they look dressy, with little pockets and zippers. I’m getting some made.


love the color scheme.

I actually saw this Burberry Jacket in GQ magazine, and started calling it the ‘Iron Man Jacket’

Green & leopard-print make a superb combination.

Behind-The-Scenes Footage for your enjoyment

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