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Russell Westbrook Talks Style With Esquire Magazine

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,NBA Style,Russell Westbrook on Apr 6th 2013

You might say, “You’ve written about Russell Westbrook(OKC Thunder) quite often lately” Hey, the guy is hott right now in the fashion world, he’s really putting a emphasis on NBA style, putting the league on the map of fashion critics, and publications, not to mention giving me a lot of material to work with. The fabulous Nic Screws of Esquire Magazine, aka. Lady Esquire, recently caught up with the style maven after practice to talk basketball, his recent ESPN The Magazine ‘Photo Issue’ feature, Final Four predictions, and of course lots  fashion. I hooked you up with a small preview below, Click to read full Interview.

Westbrook On his ESPN The Magazine ‘Photo Issue’ shoot

ESQ: Ben Watts is a photographer known for capturing great energy. How was it on set?

RW: So good. It was obvious from the first shot how energized Ben was, and we all responded to that. And he’s so fast. He gets the shot, is confident, and moves on.

ESQ: It’s known that you don’t employ a stylist personally. Considering that, how do you find the process of working with and collaborating with a stylist on set?

RW: We usually talk before the shoot so I have a general idea of what they want and the types of looks and shots we are going for. Then I talk [to them] about the types of clothes and designers I want and like — and I always suggest they bring a lot, because I tend to be picky. Then, on the day of, on set, we work it out look by look. They’re responsive to what I like, so it always works out.

Westbrook On his Highly- Anticipated Playoffs looks

ESQ: It’s nearly playoff time and obviously your concentration is on the game — but when will you start putting together this season’s post-game shirting collection for the Thunder’s expected back-to-back trip to the Western Conference Finals?

RW: Well we have to get there first. But like I said, I don’t really plan that far out. I put together those looks the night before, sometimes day of. It’s not thought out as much as it seems, that’s for sure.


photo via espnthemagazine


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