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Old Spice Steps Ups Performance With New Hardest Working Collection

Scents that Overachieve

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,News on Mar 21st 2016


We have the perfect scent for you athletes and active lifestyle ambassadors, The guys who excel in their particular sport, or likes to hit the gym a few times a week. We introduce to you Old Spice’s “Hardest Working” Collection.

With the launch of the new Hardest Working Collection, we’ve taken that performance up a notch. Truly delivering Legendary Protection for Legendary Men.” – Janine Miletic, Old Spice Brand Director

The name speaks for itself. The Hardest Working Collection, consisting of the new Odor Blocker and Sweat Defense anti-perspirant/deodorants and Dirt Destroyer body wash, makes a great complement to the athletic gentlemen who is all about performance. You know, those guys who are dubbed overachievers, giving you superior results to coincide with their excessive effort.

I had the opportunity to put the Hardest Working Collection technology to the ultimate test, hitting the gym four times last week (90 Minutes each day) after extensive working days. The first two days I wore Oder Blocker (Pure Sport Plus)–Old Spice’s most powerful invisible solid anti-perspirant/deodorant, delivering legendary performance through stronger and longer sweat protection than its other collections, and the final two days I sported Sweat Defense (Pure Sport Plus)–Old Spice’s ‘gold standard’ delivering “stronger and longer sweat protection” for all-day dryness. All four days I took my morning showers with Dirt Destroyer Body Wash (Lasting Scents)–Old Spice’s most powerful body wash, offering 15 percent more cleansers, a 30 percent thicker formula and 20 percent more scent.

I have to say, I was super impressed with the collection’s durability and boasted performance. It did not disappoint, as the refreshing scents outlasted my lengthy days and workouts. I excessively sweat during my workouts (which I hate,) but had no worries about any unpleasant odor at all thanks to Old Spice, I still smelled fresh, as if I just put my deodorant on to start my day, which was fantastic.

Old Spice is confidently standing behind the Hardest Working Collection’s preeminent performance credentials, Old Spice is going back to the brand’s performance roots and relaunching its 1-800-PROVE-IT money-back guarantee. If consumers use the Hardest Working Collection and the products do not live up to their standards, they can call 1-800-PROVE-IT for information on how to receive a full refund.
Odor Blocker Available scents: include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus, Stronger Swagger, Extra Fresh and Tougher Timber.


Sweat Defense Available scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus, Stronger Swagger, Extra Fresh and Fresher Fiji.

Dirt Destroyer Available Scents: Available scents include new Lasting Legend, Pure Sport Plus and Stronger Swagger.


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