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Post-Game Style:2012 NBA Playoffs Week 4

As we get deeper in the NBA playoffs, the fashion just keeps getting better at the podium, checkout this weeks edition of Post-Game Style.

Kobe Bryant(L.A. Lakers)was formally suited as usual,opting for unique button-ups with contrasting collar trims.

Rajon Rondo(Boston Celtics) sported a chic olive jacket he blended with a stripe polo, love how his hues complement each other.

OKC Thunder Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant are making a superb fashionable duo. Russell continues his trend of funky shirts,donned in joyrich Pollock($72) & Play Cloth($85), while Durant dons his sophisticated frames with blazers and simple tees.

Blake Griffin(L.A. Clippers) kept it fresh layering his outfit with a modish varsity jacket with leather sleeves.If your completing a preppy look, varsity jackets are a get choice.

Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs) completed his “All Black Everything” attire with a edgy hooded leather jacket.

Lebron James (Miami Heat) threw swagger on a cotton shirt by fastening his buttons  to the top.I actually love this style, wearing the top button done up gives you a neat, polished look. Also makes a great layering piece,oo yeah, can’t forget the matching timepiece.

Dwyane always resembles a model in a fashion magazine. His 3-piece suit was flawless as he experimented with various patterns pairing his 3-piece suit with a polka dot neck tie and pocket square.Dwyane’s lliac color amalgamation was  perfect for Miami’s vibrant atmosphere.

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