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2012 NBA Conference Finals: Post-Game Fashion From Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, & More

Were  now in the Conference Finals of the 2012 NBA playoffs, four teams left, fighting for a NBA championship. The spotlight keeps getting hotter, what you wear to the game becomes more significant. Checkout this weeks edition of Post-Game Fashion.Whose look caught your attention??

I call this one “Miami Nights” A purplish suit and tonal check pattern shirt, paired with turquoise necktie, Dwyane Wade has no limits when it comes to colors.What other athlete could pull this off so effortlessly??

Tony Parker(San Antonio Spurs) continues to play in safe with the black hues and simple costumes. You can never go wrong with black though.

Dwyane Wade here (Miami Heat) went formal in his “white hot” collar shirt and pattern tie amalgam, completed by a tailored suit. The white collar shirt is always an presentable piece, when paired with the right suit they make a flawless duo.

Lebron James(Miami Heat) flaunted his physique in a form-fitting polo shirt.

OKC Thunder Kevin Durant dressed a collar shirt and necktie with a solid vest, as Russell Westbrook expressed his love for patches in a Juya Watanabe Man Comme Des Garcon patchwork shirt complemented with hip frames.

Boston Celtics Ray Allen was well-groomed in a custom suit ,and Rajon Rondo swagged out a solid blazer with stripe v-neck tee. The V-neck and blazer combination makes such a cool look, smooth and basic.I plan on pairing the two pieces on many occasions this summer.

Lebron and D-wade have been giving Westbrook and Durant some competition with the fashionable frames.Both gentlemen defined sophistication here in their business casual getups. Lebron sported a traditional oxford shirt draped by a light cardigan, as D-wade experimented with patterns in his classy tie and button-up blend.

Once again we have Russell Westbrook, This time he  took it back a couple years with the Polo bear by Ralph Lauren button up.Haven’t seen someone bring back the polo bear since Kanye West(College Dropout days). As for accessories, fresh wristwear  to complement the shirt, and can’t forget the frames, I’m surprised Russell isn’t sponsored by some chic eyeglasses company yet.

Peep the footwear!

Rajon Rondo looked like he stepped straight out of Brooks Brothers in this preppy guise.Rajon donned a basic navy blazer,united with plaid button-up and knit necktie.

Westbrook footwear photo via larrybrownsports

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