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Pro Golfer Bubba Watson Talks Style With Esquire Magazine

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Nike,PGA Style on Apr 15th 2013

Golf is the most fashionable sport of our time, what other game could you really express your sense   of fashion, while being at an highly competitive level? Esquire Magazine’s Nic Screws, aka “Lady Esquire” caught up with PGA hotshot, Bubba Watson  last week  for a one-on-one interview while he was here in NYC to promote his new relationship with Oakley sportswear. A very funny, confident Bubba Watson talked to Nic on a series of topics, covering his exciting partnership with Oakley, infatuation with the color pink, making bold fashion statements on the golf course, and his quest for a pair of Lebron’s “LeBronold Palmer” 9 sneakers. Bubba happens to be a sneakerhead on the low. Check out a small preview below. Click to read full article.


Bubba speaks on his personal style, funny guy isn’t he.

ESQ: OK, so, tell me a little about your personal style.

BW: It’s awesome. That was easy. Next question.


Bubba on his looks for the Augusta tournament 

ESQ: Agreed. I saw your Oakley looks downstairs, the ones you’re scheduled to wear while defending your title run in Augusta. Do you have a favorite?

 BW: I like them all — after all, I’m wearing all of them. But I’ll tell you after I play. Whichever one I play the best in, that’ll be my favorite. But the one that interests me the most is the white and grey top with the breathable side panels. It still looks like a golfer, but it pushes the envelope a little bit — as Oakley is known to do — with regard to the athletic fit and the performance components.


Bubba speaks on getting his Nike Lebron “LeBronold Palmer” Sneakers(I need those!!)

ESQ: Truth. You’re also crazy active on Twitter. I saw you thanking LeBron James for a pair of his Nike LeBronold Palmers.

 BW: Ah, yes. You know Arnold Palmer? Well there’s the guy, the legend — but I’m talking about the drink. Where you put lemonade over iced tea — or maybe it’s iced tea over lemonade, I don’t know. Well, LeBron doesn’t play golf but his people, like his manager, they play and they came up with these shoes because apparently they drink Arnold Palmers all the time. So I saw the shoes about a year ago when he tweeted them, right around the Olympics, and I thought, I have to have those. So the first thing I did was text Chris Paul [of the L.A. Clippers] to tell him that I needed a pair. He asked LeBron for me, but apparently they were some limited edition thing, and not for sale. So I thought that was the end of that. But then I happened to meet LeBron at a game in Miami, and I was sitting next to his manager, so I asked again for a pair. And they got them for me! He brought them to me at the Orlando Magic game last week. And I love them, I tweeted them out immediately.

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