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Q&A: NHL Star Mark Giordano Discusses 2016 NHL Awards, Personal Style And More

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Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Interviews,News,NHL Style on Jun 23rd 2016

Prior to the 2016 NHL Awards in Las Vegas, we had the chance to conduct brief Q&A’s with NHL stars Mark Giordano (Calgary Flames) and Ben Bishop (Tampa Bay Lightning.)

We spoke with the elite hockey stars about their NHL Awards appearances, off-season, goals, personal style, (including their custom John Varvatos suits for the 2016 NHL Awards,) and much more.

Check out our conversation below with Mark Giordano.

MTS: How excited are you to attend this year’s NHL Awards?

MR: Really excited, I try not to take being nominated for an award for granted. Anytime you get to come down and spend some time with the guys in a place like Vegas, it’s a lot of fun.


MTS: What does the NHL Foundation Award mean to you?

MR: It means a lot, very humbling to be nominated. There are a lot of guys in the NHL who donate to charities and do a lot of community work, and to be one of the finalists is an accomplishment. Obviously that’s not why we do it when we set out to do charity work, but it means a lot for sure.


MTS: John Varvatos is dressing you for this year’s event. Can you explain the process of putting together your perfect look?

MR: Oh god, it’s a tough process for me. I’m not the best with fashion. I usually just watch other guys on the team, or maybe watch some TV, then you sort of get a look that you like. I have a lot of input from my wife, and I go from there.


MTS: How would you describe your personal style?

MR: Jeans and a T-shirt casual, with a hat on all the time as much as I can! Dressing up for me is when I feel the most uncomfortable, but over the years I have really enjoyed putting on a nice suit and going to the games. When you look good, you feel good as well.

MTS: Other than John Varvatos, are there any other designers or brands you like?

MR: I do wear a lot of John Varvatos stuff, I’ve grown to really, really enjoy it.

MTS: What are your plans this off-season?

MR: Take a couple of weeks off and relax with the family, but from here on out it gets pretty serious with training and skating and getting back into it. Not many plans, but hanging out with the family and friends for as long as you can before you head back to camp. (Where are you living?) Toronto.


MTS: What is your biggest goal for next season?

MR: I think as a team we have to try and make the playoffs. As an individual, I’m past the point of trying to set goals for myself. I guess my goal would be to play in playoffs.


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