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Readers Question: Lebron James’ Game 2 Stripe V-neck Sweater.

Written by Jrich in Athletes Fashion,Lebron James,NBA Style on May 10th 2013

One thing I love is to hear from my readers,  James hit me up with this question below.

“First and fore most, I love the website.  I was wondering if you could help me out with a particular shirt I’ve seeing athletes wearing.  It’s could be a long or short sleeve thin stripe shirt.  Lebron James wore a blue and white one after their game 2 win two days ago and Chad Ochocinco also wore a similar outfit with grey and white thin striped shirt with colorful pants.  I was wondering if you might know of a brand that sells shirts like that”



Well Joseph, For game 2 Lebron wore a stripe v-neck sweater, I believed is  made from an Merino wool fabric.  I couldn’t find the exact sweater Lebron wore, but the style is very popular…it’s duplicated by numerous brands, and sold at different price ranges. You can pretty much find a similar style at an reasonable price. Here below, I’ve posted a few  looks at great prices. You can also check retailers like Club Monaco and J.Crew, Hope this helps.

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